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Bearing in mind the IDAHO STATESMAN had the good sense to dump the GUARDIAN editor 32 years ago, we need to go on record about how much we appreciated the QUALITY of journalism in Sunday’s(July31) paper.

–JOE Estrella was well researched and balanced in his story about home sales. Unbridled growth is an issue we will have to live with forever, regardless of the outcome.

–Jailadi pictures were well done and prolific.

–Popkey was vintage with his sharp pen on property taxes in Valley County. He understands the issue, the cure, the players, and politics.

–Denise Oshodi could prove to be the catalyst for a neighborhood compromise on a problem that shows what happens when “mixed use” growth collides with itself at Lake Harbor. Maybe we shouldn’t have bars with outdoor music in a residential area.

–The editorial on ACHD giving away the bridge to Harris Ranch was dead on and should be the poster child for any future developments.

With the exception of JAILADI, all of the stories in one way or another are about the bad things that happen when developers take over our society. We see this as POSITIVE reporting about what is happening in our communities. Keep up the good work at keeping us informed.

The preceeding was a GUARDIAN opinion, devoid of any outside influence. Statesman staffers who miss the point of future stories will hear about it on this site!

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