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Don’t Hit Rewind Button

Former Boise City Attorney Susan Mimura could use some good PR advice if not legal advice after filing a $500,000 claim against her former employer.

She has filed a tort claim, which is a precursor to a lawsuit, claiming loss of wages and damage to her reputation after the city council fired her in the midst of the scandal which ended up with former Mayor Brent Coles and two assistants doing jail time.

When you are the center of attention and everyone around you goes to jail, the smartest thing two years later is keep your finger off the rewind button. If the case goes to court, anything nasty the city missed the first time around is certain to come out. She needs to “f’getaboutit.”

Best of all, she alleges among other things, “deliberate indifference” on the part of the city. If deliberate indifference by the city was worth cash, the GUARDIAN would be on the Fortune 500 list!

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