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Ironic that Boise Mayor Dave Bieter endorsed legislation to cut Micron taxes and then turns around and hikes fees for the little guys who are massage therapists, taxi drivers, or auctioneers.

All of the city projections for the revenues to be gained at the expense of the little guys don’t equal the breaks given to Micron. The dollar amounts for the various increases are admittedly pretty insignificant, but when viewed in contex, it appears big business gets big breaks.

Why regulate the “little guys” at all?

Deputy City Clerk Bob Bailey handles the licensing and inspection of many of the crafts covered under the city licensing ordinance. He explained the regulation is aimed at screening applicant’s criminal history and assuring the public doesn’t get victimized by scam artists who enter and leave town on short notice.

For instance, Bailey checks taxi drivers to insure they haven’t bilked a visitor and even issues tickets to violators. Does he visit massage parlors?

No under cover work for this savvy city employee who responds, “Only in a marked city vehicle and after a phone call to inform my wife.”

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  1. Didn’t I just see the taxi drivers clamoring for fare increases. The City dictates the amount they charge as well as the amount they have to pay to have Mr. Barros Bailey and Ms. Mooney on their bums, so to speak. I guess if giving them a fare (and fair) increase is a foregone conclusion, then getting them to cough up more to exist is likely a preemptive strike on someone’s part.

  2. Wasn’t Micron throwing a fit about their competition in South Korea being subsidized and causing market problems for Micron? With tax breaks for Micron, wouldn’t that be considered ‘subsidized’? I don’t know….I’m still learning…

  3. While the ACHD is widening Ustick , why not rethink the lanes in the intersection of Locust Grove and Ustick Rd. Anyone turning westbound onto Ustick from Locust Grove in either dorection has to try to whip into a narrow curve between other vehicles and a cement barrier.Why don’t they widen that single lane a bit to give as a little more room.

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