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Appearances Take Two

The Boise City Council now explains the rush to get their own raises approved was nothing nefarious (for you non-library types that’s wicked or sneaky). It was just a scheduling error.
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They euphemistically explained to the Idaho Statesman that it was just a “scheduling error” that forced them to waive the required three readings of the ordinance granting them the raise in order to get it done 60 days prior to the city election as required by state law.

Euphemisms replace blunt hard words with “softer words.” What the councilors were TRYING to say was: “someone screwed up and forgot to prepare an ordinance, so we nearly missed a little raise we think we deserved.” Safe to say that person has probably had “council counsel.”

As the GUARDIAN said on Aug. 28, APPEARANCES ARE EVERYTHING. Mayor Dave Bieter didn’t think he deserved a raise and stayed at this current paltry $91,229 starting salary. Bet he doesn’t keep that a secret during the next election OR the fact he has also declined the annual $6,000 car allowance former Mayor Brent Coles took before he went to jail.

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