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ACHD Wins One Loses One

The Idaho Statesman and Boise City oppose a planned widening of Ustick road from the current two lanes to a more sensible five lanes. ACHD is gun-shy over the debacle when Curtis Road was built with only two lanes and was over capacity the minute it opened. This time the engineers are planning a BIG […]

Residents Protest Development

A petition with 634 signatures of Ada County residents and other interested parties protesting a 1,500 home development overlooking the Boise River and Lucky Peak was filed Thursday with the Ada County Commission. Anthony Jones, founder of something he calls delivered the petition to the Courthouse in a move to get the Commissioners to […]

Payback Time

Gov. Dirk Kempthorne is not running for office, but companies favored with tax breaks and road projects are still investing capital in the Capitol. Latest campaign finance. reports show Tamarack Resort made payments of $2,500 to Kempthorne while Albertson’s and Washington Group each kicked in $3,750 for whatever they may need from the Governor’s office. […]


BULLETIN–Idaho’s largest newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, long a profit center for the GANNETT news chain has been sold to the KNIGHT-RIDDER chain. Knight is known for such award winning newspapers as the DETROIT FREE PRESS and the MIAMI HERALD. The Gannett chain has journalistically been known as the “McNEWSPAPER” for its lackluster attention to news […]

Who IS Big Brother and What Does he Know?

A GUARDIAN reader tells us the Idaho State Liquor Stores have a new toy that scans the information off driver licenses and he hates it more than an Albertson Preferred Card. We contacted the folks at the Liquor Dispensary and they were proud to explain the new system is sold to them by an outfit […]

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