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Heart Attack on Live TV

Cable TV channel 11 put some real drama in the Wednesday night special City Council meeting when a member of the audience suffered an apparent heart attack on camera.

It happened shortly after midnight after about 50 people from the Depot Bench neighborhood had offered testimony against the proposed four story apartment condo project.

At the left of the screen a man in distress could be seen and heard moaning loudly. Mayor Dave Bieter stopped the meeting and left his chair to offer assistance. Other good Samaritans lifted the victim from his seat and administered CPR, just off camera.911.jpg

Councilman Bisterfeldt showed obvious frustration with 911 dispatch as he attempted to summon help via his cell phone. From one side of the conversation it seemed the dispatcher did not know where the city hall and council chambers were located. He finally hung up after being told help was on the way.

While Bisterfeldt is a former Boise Police captain, he is accustomed to having the dispatcher know who he is and “understand” where the city hall and council chambers are located. Problem is, everything has grown and grown and grown. The dispatcher had no idea if he was talking about MERIDIAN, KUNA, EAGLE, GARDEN CITY, or BOISE city hall. She needed a street address to accurately direct assistance. Turns out someone else had already summoned the paramedics who arrived and stabilized the man.

He was saved by several retired doctors and a trained emergency responder who were at the meeting.

The man was not identified and his condition was unknown as of this writing. Mainstream media will have more details today. Meanwhile the meeting was adjourned until 7:30 pm Thursday.

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