Surprise! Micron Expands in Singapore

Those IDAHO tax breaks granted to Micron have really paid off–the company was able to pump $250 million into expansion of a 265,000 square foot production facility in SINGAPORE. singapore1.jpg

The Idaho Statesman barely noted the irony with a business story shorter than this blog entry. The good news is we won’t have to feed, house, educate, and transport those 3,000 workers who are obviously making big bucks and Idaho legislators can’t claim they need to help Micron next time around to create Idaho jobs.

Gov. Dirk and the legislature should be proud to have been a position to boost the economy of the small island nation. Ada county and Boise taxpayers don’t mind helping out when they can either.

Maybe Albertson’s will be able to move its top executives to Singapore as well. Gov. Dirk cut that tax deal aimed at Albertson’s to “attract high paying jobs to Idaho” and they promptly thanked him with a raised middle index finger when it was revealed management is contemplating a sale of the ailing food giant.

No doubt about it, tax breaks help the economy—someplace in this big world.

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