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To Which Drum Do They March?

The Boise City Council vs Ada County Highway District feud drew a strong rebuke from the IDAHO STATESMAN editorial board Saturday over the widening of Ustick Road.

The gist of the editorial was “play nice,” but the GUARDIAN got to thinking: Other than the Chamber of Commerce, what group is really happy with the city council?

Councilor Vern Bisterfeldt went to Ada County in an attempt to mend the fence between the rest of the council and the commishes, but the commishes didn’t want to talk in public and got crossways of the attorney general and the Idaho open meeting law.

Then there are unhappy North Enders, Bench-Depot neighbors, Ten Commandment folks, Anti-Annexation people, Infill Foes, Historic Preservationists who ALL would have a hard time giving passing grades to the councilors.

Are all these groups and individuals out of step with the wise and considerate drumbeats of the city council? Maybe the November 8 election will give us some answers.

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  1. I would rather have someone on the City Council who is not afraid to stand up for his/her constituents than the councilors we have now who do whatever the developers want. I am sick of not being heard and I know others feel this way as well.

  2. MAd Boise Resident
    Oct 14, 2005, 10:47 pm

    The City Council marches to their own drum – one that none of the rest of us can stand – it is time to drum them out of town!

  3. Just wait until Brandi get to the City Council. She will solve all of our problems

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