Ada Offers Gas Guide

When we noticed a link to a commercial gas price list site on Ada County’s official website, we figured it was a great idea to have an official County Consumer Price Guide. Gas guide.jpg

But why limit the service to just gas? The county could link to those mortgage finder sites so people could save on house payments. They could also link to interest rates so folks would have more cash to pay property taxes. Of course there are those travel and airline sites too.

Since The GUARDIAN has linked the ADA COUNTY website in the list at the right of this page we figured a diversity of opinions–instead of just those dry press releases they offer–would also be good.

We share our message and will keep you posted:

Dear Commissioners,

The commercial gas price link you have on the official county website is nice. You might expand it to a complete shopping guide listing prices for meat, milk, etc. comparing WINCO, ALBERTSON, FRED MEYERS and WAL MART.

Would you please direct your webmaster to include a similar one to

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Thanks in advance,
Editor Boise Guardian

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  1. Sharon Ullman
    Oct 27, 2005, 9:59 am

    Dear Guardian Editor:

    It appears that you have managed to drive some common sense into the Ada County commissioners, at least on this one issue. As of October 27, the commercial advertising for the gas site is now gone from the Ada County website. Thanks so much for your efforts. Keep up the good work.

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