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Poop Farm–The Fan Comes Closer

The resignation of Boise’s Poop Farm manager Tuesday brings the proverbial fan a little closer to what it is destined to hit. The “BioSolid Waste Recycling Facility” is located on desert farm land near Kuna.
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No word if the resignation stems from investigations and a major audit surrounding finance and management practices within the Boise Public Works Department and the Twenty Mile South Farm.

We don’t know those who gave us info back in May, but based on the facts they offered and inside knowledge they had, it was obvious the allegations had foundation and were worthy of further investigation. (see note at bottom for background)

When the GUARDIAN made attempts to share its findings with Councilors one didn’t want to be bothered at 9 p.m. with the info. Another told us we were “irresponsible, had faulty information, did nothing but try to turn the people against government.” In short, she was pissed and ended the call saying she didn’t have time to talk about it.

We suspect our “Deep throat sources” are past or present city workers–part of a huge majority of fine people who want to have an honest staff and competent leaders. They were met with the same attitude and inaction when they reported problems to superiors.Poop sign.jpg

Only one City Councilor took action on the information we had in hand. We had documents regarding illegal purchase of $143,000 worth of tractors, converting public property to personal use, purchase of cattle related items when the city owned NO CATTLE, and a host of purchasing policy violations.

THAT Councilor demanded an internal audit. Thirty days later the auditor asked for more time and ended up taking 90 days to come back with the results–some of which we assume will be made public soon.

At the October 11 meeting, City Councilors were briefed by the City Attorney and presented with information in a secret executive session–a proper forum for such important legal and personnel matters. This case involves potential felony crimes and brings into question the abilities of some top city managers.

Auditors, detectives, prosecutors, and attorneys have been toiling for untold hours during the past four months on this case. The GUARDIAN is well aware the statute of limitations will preclude prosecution on some incidents, but other acts have been ongoing MONTHLY.

Our problem is not alleged irregularities themselves, but the fact they were apparently being covered up and tolerated by those in charge. City officials repeatedly said there was a, “personnel problem” and that at least two employes had a , “personality conflict.” That is NOT what we gleaned from the evidence.

We hope this latest City scandal gets the attention of the voting public who will strenuously demand accountability in government. City fathers–and mothers–need to rely on the voices of someone other than department heads and managers.

Military experts will tell you it is a wise commander who listens to his sergeants and privates rather than rely solely on officers for information. Boise’s mayor and council would do well to heed that old axiom.

Ed note: The GUARDIAN ran a series of stories last May 31 through June 13 with revelations about (financial) IRREGULARITIES at the Boise “Bio Solid Waste Facility” in the desert near Kuna. Check the monthly archive link at the right of this page for those dates.

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  1. Well, I told you privately and now I will tell you publicly that you should be cloned, editor. I am not even fully aware of this issue, but if you are following it, I believe it must be for a good reason. Sometimes it is the obscure issues that no one is following that become big issues later on. Thanks for looking out for the public. By the way, why is this issue not covered in the Statesman, or have I just missed it?

    Ed note–Thanks, Statesman did have a brief piece Wednesday, it is important and there will be more news coming.

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