Shoe Tree for Troops

The GUARDIAN was driving along U.S. 20 between Vale and Juntura, Oregon recently and came across this “Shoe Tree.”

Many of the shoes are signed and dated. They are mostly sneakers of some sort, but there are cowboy boots, hiking boots, sandals, and more hanging from the branches of the lonely tree.

At the cafe in Juntura a waitress told us it was “like yellow ribbons for the troops.” It didn’t make much sense until we recalled rubber bands on wrists, magnetic vinyl on cars, and plastic ribbons on trees. Why not shoes tossed into the branches of a tree?

It makes you think.

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  1. Shoe trees, car magnets, and other signs of support are great. I prefer the ‘panty’ trees at ski resorts. Nothing says “support” like a previously worn thong. The tree on Brundage Mountain’s triple chair has quite a variety. The Bogus Basin Panty tree needs some new addtions. Donations will be accepted this winter at ski hills across Idaho.

  2. I have seen a similar tree on US 50 in Nevada between Nevada 381 and Nevada 305, or between Cold Springs and Austin.

  3. Folks,

    Go back just a bit and test your movie trivia. Does anyone recall, “wag the dog?” Have we all forgotten Woody Harrelson’s portrayal of “shoe?”

    Those shoes have been showing up in that tree long before we invaded Iraq. In fact, that particular shoe tree shows up in google searches long before today.

    Now all we need is a song to go with it. Hey, Willie Nelson was just here…

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