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While plenty of ink and airtime is being consumed over City Council candidate Brandi Swindell’s web site pictures (are they glamour shots?) we have noticed that Councilor Jerome Mapp is decked out in what may qualify as “sartorial splendor.”

The gravel voiced incumbent appears to be wearing square framed designer glasses, flashy ties, and loose fitting light colored jackets which hang nice. The loafers are cool as well.

On the other hand challenger Jim Tibbs looks like a senior cop at a crime scene during interviews– serious with a full head of modish gray hair looking authoritative as he speaks.

After the Dan Popkey rant in Sunday’s Statesman, Swindell’s people came back with a demand for an apology about his “sexist remarks.” It could just be our imagination, but Council President Maryanne Jordan–Swindell’s opponent–seems to be getting a little lipstick going and blush on the cheeks that we haven’t noticed before.

All this has prompted some to speculate that traditional candidate forums will give way to SWIMSUIT COMPETITION only. We suspect there are many who just want to see Vern Bisterfeldt in a Speedo.

Alas, it isn’t so. The Women’s League will still have its time honored candidate forum Wednesday at the Boise Public Library 7-9 p.m. No swimsuits, but hopefully some good questions from the audience.

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  1. It must be as much of a challege for Mapp to look sophisticated as it is for Tibbs to look serious. I cannot attend the League’s forum because of another engagement, but would enjoy watching them respond to the questions posed. Oh, and Maryanne just needs a new….er uh, a hairstyle, forget the face paint.

  2. The best solution would be to just get Jerome and Maryanne new jobs… the city council.

  3. It’s refreshing that we’re finally dropping the pretense that local Boise elections are about qualifications for the job, and rather about style, appearance, and “popularity.” (Sorta like junior high student-body elections, but grown up!) We can thank Dan Popkey for having the courage to state the obvious.
    Brandi is HOT! City Council is just a stepping-stone on her way to mayor. (Equivalent of Student Body President.)
    Jordan would be lucky to get Student Body Secretary, in the sophisticated world of junior high. If “she” were a “he,” she would be the school’s audio-visual nerd.
    As pointed out by the Guardian, Mapp is looking very cosmopolitan. He’s got the GQ vote wrapped up. If he’d add a sweet manicure, he could probably carry 90% of Boise’s metrosexual community. (I predict he will also get some affirmative-action votes, from Boise citizens who are worried if they vote for the white guy, they are racist.)
    Tibbs’ campaign theme should be “Book ‘um, Dano.” I think his style-factor would go WAY up if he made a Dirty Harry S&W .44 magnum part of his campaign attire.

  4. Say,Dave ,I like the idea of swimsuit competitiion for Mayor & City Council.These elections are too much like junior high student govt. So why not add a bit of Humor to a ” facade parading as representing the People.” Vern in a speedo? Brandi and MaryAnne as bikini pin-up’s.Why, Citizen’s would be laughing for days, and everybody would be in a good mood!! Say,whatever happened to the investigation of the phone scam that dis-enfranchised every City voter last mayoralty election.Or have all the politician’s forgotten???

  5. I want to know more about Brandi’s campaign to rein in Boise’s penchant for beastiality? I heard there was something about it on one of the websites endorsing her run for city council.

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