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The Difference is Local

KBCI TV Sunday morning talk show host Walt Baker didn’t help the station’s reputation for “fair, balanced, accurate, we report-you decide,” news coverage when he interviewed Boise city council candidates Jerome Mapp and Jim Tibbs on his October 16 broadcast.

Walter Baker is a long time supporter of Jim Tibbs and even made a cash donation to the former interim police chief’s campaign fund. Mapp said he didn’t like the scripted questions before the show, but relented prior to taping.

Channel 2 (8 cable) has a slogan “The Difference is Local.” Right, the network boys would have told you up front if there was a conflict–like helping finance a candidate you interview. In fact, during the October 23 SIXTY MINUTES story about Michael Jordan’s new book, the network mentioned the publisher was owned by the CBS parent company.

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  1. I was just wondering if the difference is “local” why the old “local” boys seem to be disappearing and replaced with young ladies from ????? I tried to find out what happened to Wayne Dzubak and then Vin Crosby – apparently they have been vaporized. What is going on over there? There seems to be some kind of agenda, but I don’t know what it is. However “fair & balanced” is also the slogan of that famous Bush-backed channel “Fox News.” What a joke.

  2. Fair & Balanced? I haven’t seen anyone in this town dumb enough to trot that tired slogan out. I’m not defending channel 2. I asked the same question you did and got the standard answer from one of their flacks. As for an agenda, I don’t think they’re that smart.

    Ed note–The “slogan” was a satire on all the silly slogans combined.

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