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Poop Farm Crime?

The GUARDIAN had a surrogate ask Boise City for the audit report that has been completed into the financial “irregularities” at the Poop Farm.
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Our agent got a nice letter back–but no audit results. Seems there is more to come according to the letter which said the audit couldn’t be released because it is part of a “pending criminal investigation.” VERY INTERESTING!

The manager of the farm resigned almost two weeks ago. No official reason was given for his departure. City Councilors are scheduled to hear “executive session” information Tuesday which could detail the results of the audit.

Stay tuned to the GUARDIAN for updates as they become public.

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  1. McGruff the Crime Dog
    Oct 31, 2005, 4:49 pm

    This whole thing “smells” like a cover up. The longer they drag this out, the longer that the people ultimately responsible for this mess will escape accountability. It has long been known downtown that there has been “questionable” business practices out at the farm. The collective hope when Mayor Terteling-Payne was appointed was that the rouge manager would be dealt with. For what ever reasons it never happened. Then when Mayor Bieter announced the formation of an ethics committee to address the type of behavior that Coles and Lyman practiced there was renewed hope that things would be addressed. Once again nothing was done. In the later case, it is because the ethics committee is not structured to address problems of department level deniability and obstruction (the very same behavior of Coles). And now it appears that the mess will be “plowed” under with the passage of time, never to see the light of day. It is time for the City council to demand answers and to turn this over to the Attorney General.

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