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Payoffs and Funny Money

Here is a fun look at the political payoffs in the Boise City Council election based on the finance reports filed with the City Clerk.

Seems apparent the developers and fire department union are paying the most and will probably stand the best chance of a good return on their investment. The pro-lifers who paid Brandi Swindell stand to have a young supporter in public office, but there isn’t much she can do to help their cause.

Most interesting expense among the yard signs, advertising, and office rentals is Jerome Mapp’s purchase of an official campaign digital camera.

A close second is Vern Bisterfeldt’s donation from the Golden Star Restaurant. The Chinese food vendor is a favorite of Vern’s for over 30 years. You can afford to leave nice tips when they refund it $1,000 at a time!!

We note City Attorney Carey Colaianni paid incumbent Bisterfeldt $100, but figured Maryanne Jordan was worth only half that at $50. Not to worry, in the spirit of gentlemanly sportsmanship, Bisterfeldt paid $200 to Maryanne.

The Firefighters union PAC paid $1,000 each to former-police union president-former acting chief- council candidate Jim Tibbs and incumbent Maryanne Jordan. A simple council approval of so much as a set of red suspenders for each member will pay back that amount.

Idaho Statesman notes Brandi Swindell got several thousand from out of state supporters. We think they will have a lot less influence than the local developers and contractors like Hubble Homes, Samas LLC Development, Colliers International, DeBest Plumbing, the Chamber of Commerce and anyone else who tossed out $1,000 bills. You buy in for a grand and you own better than 5% of a campaign.

Tibbs is top dollar winner at nearly $27,000.

For our money we like homeless advocate Mark Seeley’s report which consists of a single income and expense of $18.43–not much influence being bought or sold among the homeless.

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  1. Was it Will Rogers that said… ” a fool and his money is soon elected”.

  2. Idaho Voters have a chance to elect a candidate with one issue.
    He is not glamorous, he is not a victim of partisan politics.
    Even the statesman does not give him the time of day.

    Mark Seeley

    As all the comments have written, we need folks to run for office.

    Mark , seems to be bold to me. He has no outside influence. I am sure he could learn to function on the council.

    Mark fights for homeless issues. Not popular with the voters.
    There was a congressman in Washington State , that focused on the homeless in Washington D.C.
    Congressman Lowery took time to learn about the issue . This Congressman even slept a night with the homeless.
    Mike Lowery was not flashy, drove a 1980’s simple type auto, but like Mark cared about the homeless.

    Mike Lowery was elected to the Governor of Washington State.

    If you like the flash of Brandi Swindell with no experience but new blood, give the same consideration to Mark Seeley.

    In a christian perspective, homeless should have a hero.

    Maybe that hero could be Mark Seeley.

  3. Boise’s powerful Egg Foo Yong Lobby flexes its muscle. (Sure it’s good, but you’re hungry again an hour later, and Bisterfeldt won’t do a thing about it! He’s in their pocket!)

    The Guardian is right. I feel much less threatened, as a Boise resident, by the anti-abortion, keep-the-brain-dead-alive folks, than by those who would continue slappin’ houses up as fast as they can haul the building materials to the lots. (With the approval of their friends at City Hall.)

    I feel compelled to comment on current campaign slogans.

    Have you seen Mapp’s? On his signs?

    MAPP … The Future.

    Cack! Mapp must be sent packing, if for no other reason than having such an over-the-top hopelessly lame campaign slogan!! Thankfully, the other candidates have exercised restraint. We coulda had “Just Do It – Jordan!” (with silhouette of a slam-dunking Maryanne). Or a salute to spiritual music: “Roll, Jordan, Roll!” Brandi – obvious. “Sweeter than Candy!” Tibbs could nod to the classic movie “In the Heat of the Night” with “They call me Mister Tibbs!”

    This must end NOW!

    Mapp – the future. I think I’m gonna hurl!

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