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Many Cal Cities Safer Than Boise

In a recent survey of “America’s Safest Cities” no fewer than 26 California municipalities of 75,000 or more population were ranked safer than Boise.

Even San Jose with nearly a million residents was ranked in the top 100 at 97th. Boise came in at 104th safest–down from 76th in the previous report by the Morgan Quitno Press.

The firm sells reports and books with all sorts of rankings–actually meaningless unless you are either at the top or bottom of the list. This is the same outfit that ranked Idaho as one of the worst when it comes to health care. The mainstream media uses the data to create interesting stories of little substance–like the one you are reading now.

Other topics include MOST LIVABLE, SMARTEST, HEALTHIEST states and cities.

The GUARDIAN was wondering if all those Californians moving to Idaho are telling the truth when they say they are coming here for the “quality of life.” Based on this report, there are 26 cities in the Golden State safer than Boise. Is it possible they are coming to buy bigger houses at cheaper prices and escape all the environmental regulations?

Denver ranked number 311 in the survey, but we don’t seem to have a bunch of folks from Colorado flocking here for security.

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  1. Well now, a 2000 sqft house in San Jose costs around $700k. Let’s just say it’s a combination of reasons. Quality of life can also mean not having to kill yourself working to pay the mortgage, not just whether or not your likely to get burglarized.

  2. Ever drive in rush hour traffic here in Southern Cali?? If you did then you would know why the smart people want to get out. People our here are crazy and stressed out. We may be out there next if we’re lucky. Also if you go anywhere out here you have to deal with elbow to elbow people and they’re so rude anymore.

  3. Oh yeah, not to mention the fact that the top places to live out here…who can afford to live there? I would like to live in some of those places but on a social worker’s and a teacher’s income, well I guess we just aren’t rich enough. I like the fact that we wouldn’t have to worry about earthquakes in Idaho.

  4. From a Californian–
    I can’t exactly shame some of the people for being a bit tickled by wanting to watch certain individual’s homes float by, but I certainly would not wish that on anyone. You would think it would be obvious to most anyone that if you buy a home on the edge of a hillside or just minutes from a river, lake, ocean, whatever…. then one would have to expect that there may be a chance of it getting washed away in the event of a great rain season.

    Just like the people out here living right on the beach and then they want to cry when their houses get flooded. Sad yes, but come on…you put yourself at risk by doing that. I of course would not wish harm to anyone or any unnecessary grief, but people really need to think before they act. Part of society’s problem is they have the mentallity “it won’t happen to me”.

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