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Houses Find Homes

Those three skinny houses that got parking tickets at Federal Way and Protest may be back in the news soon.

GUARDIAN readers report that one has somehow rolled down the hill and ended up at Lincoln and Beacon…not far from where it originally sprouted up. A quick check with the Boise Building Department shows a permit has been issued to relocate a house at 1200 Lincoln.

We noticed the house at 1425 Columbus has been bulldozed and removed. Permits are pending review at the new addresses of 1423 and 1427 Columbus for relocation of existing houses. Suffice it to say the overtime parking of houses issue may be resolved prior to the December 6 City Council meeting which scheduled discussion on the matter.

This is being done amidst a moratorium on building these so-called “infill” houses. It became an issue after houses were moved around following the purchase of land by Boise State University for expansion into the residential neighborhood.

Insiders tell us this is all on the up and up and the lots are not sub-standard in size.

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  1. Hook any and all skinny houses to all the buses and we can then have more things on the road that don’t hold or carry any/many people and we can increase traffic congestion, increase traffic exhaust emissions, increase more negatives and reduce any positives that we still have.

  2. Interesting how few comments we see on the GUARDIAN when the “skinny houses” find homes in the Vista neighborhood! While they admittedly may be an improvement over the ones they replace in some cases, we should all be wary of creating “instant slums.” Wouldn’t they be nice on Warm Springs?

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