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Statesman headline says “Samsung pleads guilty in price-fixing” and a sub head proclaims “Micron says it is cooperating with justice officials.” All true, but Micron gets immunity from prosecution because they turned state’s evidence. The feds claimed Micron conspired to fix prices of its products…same company that screams about “dumping” when the Koreans do it.

The phone company was ranked #1 for “directory service” by that famous bench mark index we all know so well, Paisley National Directory Assistance Performance Index. They should be #1 at $1.99 a call for a phone number! If you learn to use the internet to get phone numbers you can save a bunch.

The formerly bankrupt Boise construction company is under federal investigation along with the Idaho Transportation Board over award of a management contract for Guv. Dirk’s “connect Idaho” highway construction plan. Seems that 9 out of 10 staff experts (one was absent) at the Idaho Dept. of Transportation suggested the $1.2 Billion project be managed by Parsons Brinckerhoff, based in New York. Campaign donations from Washington Group were not a factor in the decision, according to official sources.

This story originated from the SPOKESMAN-REVIEW newspaper at Spokane, Washington. Nice to have an out-of-stater working as a GUARDIAN. Maybe the mainstream media can check out why the Idaho HOUSING and Finance Association is sales agent for the GARVEE bonds for this HIGHWAY project. We hear the IDOT has no authority to issue bonds and it will be a financial breeze for the housing agency to handle a transportation project. IHF is a “quasi government” agency with a colorful ad in the phone book.

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  1. My understanding is the State was going to use GARVEE bonds to fund these projects regardless. There are only a few agencies in the state with the ability to issue GARVEE bonds, a bank or two and IHF. If a bank issues them, only 3% of the revenues earned by the bank are required to be dumped back into the community by way of community redevelopment funds. If IHF does it, basically the whole of the revenue is put into homelessness prevention, home buyer assistance, and other programs that help those in our community who can really use a hand up. Also, IHF probably has the most competitive rates since they are a non-profit agency. I’m not rendering judgement (here) on the use of this method of funding, just plugging an agency that does pretty good work across the state.

  2. Guardian Fan
    Dec 1, 2005, 9:32 am

    Your “mainstream” media buddies had the story last night. Channel 2 I believe.

  3. It would be interesting for the general public to see the “executive summary” of those two bids, from the local boys and the big-city competitors. How about some sunshine? (If it’s pretty much a wash, I’ve got no problem with more payroll going back to Idaho folks.)

    Why not build a privately-funded highway, the “Dirk Kempthorne Memorial Turnpike,” and finance it with toll revenue? If it makes so much economic sense, you’d think folks would be chompin’ at the bit to get a piece of THAT action.

  4. IHF is politically correct. Do not apply if you are male, white, poor and over 40. Do apply if you are female, any color, any economic class and any age.

  5. Jack said: “do not apply if you are male, white, poor and over 40. Do apply if you are female, any color, any economic class and age.”

    I don’t know, the last time I had opportunity to visit IHF offices there were lots of pretty poor looking, middle aged, white guys. But I did see the puce-skinned-white-haired-wealthy women you must be referring to. I just assumed they were the best qualified applicants for the job. Silly me.

  6. Tam said

    “I just assumed they were the best qualified applicants for the job.”

    That’s a pretty brave assumption to make in 2005.

  7. Tam, I wasn’t referring to working there. Why would anyone want to work there? I meant trying to get financing on housing. That is why I am homeless and using a library computer.

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