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Kudos to Kemp

State Rep. Jana Kemp stood up for the people last week when she “kept her seat” in a committee room while her fellow Republicans legislators retired to caucus behind closed doors.

The issue at hand was about changing the overall structure of state employee’s pay system–important stuff. With the overwhelming Republican majority, a party discussion in private pretty much serves the same purpose of a full committee meeting–which is done in public.

Kemp told the GUARDIAN, “It didn’t seem right to move the discussion outside the committee room (which was open to the public), so I stayed.”

With just a few more acts of courage like that we may find that politicians aren’t all bad!

For the record, the GUARDIAN has opposed Kemp’s proposal to give tax breaks to Hollywood-type movie makers filming in Idaho. Free thought and exchange of ideas is good on all issues and Kemp understood that when she resisted secret discussion about public business.

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