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Lame Duck Quacks

The lame duck quacked Tuesday when the Boise City Council considered the mess with the skinny houses being moved onto lots on Euclid St. and the rest of the flock followed his call.

Councilor Jerome Mapp weighed in and cut to the heart of the entire debate–which ran into the waning minutes of the day. “The fact is you put these houses on lots without proper permits,” declared Mapp.

Mapp lost his bid for re-election in November, but he won on this one. Councilor Alan Shealy quickly acknowledged Mapp’s insight and the council acted decisively, passing a resolution to “abate the nuisance” of the houses which were moved without permits.

An attorney for the developers jousted with the City planning director over technicalities of the permitting process, but in the end the lame duck councilor put it all in perspective.

If all goes according to plan, the houses will be “outta there” in 10 working days or the City will smash, burn, or tow them.

The GUARDIAN figures there may be some more wrangling over deadlines and permits, but the council is clearly fed up along with neighbors in the area. The gray houses which were parked at Federal Way and Protest for several months have found homes on proper lots as previously reported by the GUARDIAN.

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  1. Goofy Growth
    Dec 8, 2005, 11:15 am

    If they really wanted to send a mesaage they would have barred the developer from receiving any permits to build anything, anywhere for at least 120 days!

    Now that would have sent a message—ooops I forgot the developers are the Councils Friends! Maybe we can still dream.

  2. A phony lame duck person. He is so full of himself. Who will he work for next? A developer or larger governmental entity, I am betting.

  3. I’m sorry, but I don’t agree with Jack’s response. Come on man, give credit where credit’s due.

    I thought Mapps’ response was freakin’ awesome and my hat is off to him for making such an eloquent stand!!

  4. Tom – one spurt of what may seem like logic by “Mr. Lame Duck” does not make up for all the damage he has done by hundreds of votes to gut our neighborhoods of their unique personalities.

    We need more lame ducks before it will end.

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