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GUARDIAN Holiday (Christmas) Present

If you want to score with a significant other or just impress family and friends with your sophistication, try this elegant coffee dessert drink we first encountered in a hotel pub across from Windson Castle in England.

Ingredients: Wine glass, sugar, coffee, cinnamon or nutmeg, cream (MUST be whipping or “heavy” cream).

FILL average sized wine glass with coffee to within 1/2 inch of rim of glass.

STIR in three heaping teaspoons of sugar until it is dissolved. MUST be sugar and you need this much to get the chemistry right. Sweeteners or too little sugar ruins the show.

POUR cream (no milk or half & half) onto a spoon held steady using the edge of the glass for stability. Idea is to float the cream, so go slow and place the spoon right on the surface. As the cream floats, gently tip the spoon and remove it. If cream mixes, you need more sugar in the next glass.

SPRINKLE with cinnamon or nutmeg. The big boys tell us you can include adult beverages in the coffee when you stir in the sugar.

Sip slowly. The idea is to get the last of the cream with the last of the coffee. Be careful since the coffee is hot and the cream is cold.

Feel free to share your results with other GUARDIAN readers and enjoy the holiday season.

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  1. Guardian I think you have something here. I just tried this out. It’s a great drink.. Maybe you and Dan Hawkins could go on TV and make a ton of money with this drink! I see him on TV selling everything else! You could have Dan pour a little “adult beverages in”, and say I’M AMPING IT UP… Just a thought

  2. WOW! I tried it and its great! But man what a sugar high! Still floating around.

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