ALERT! County Records Destruction

The Ada County Prosecuting attorney and his deputy may need to avail themselves of the outside legal services the commishes granted them earlier this year if they follow through with a plan to DESTROY LEGAL DOCUMENTS.

The GUARDIAN hopes the resolution tucked away in the commishes Tuesday meeting agenda is just a “housekeeping measure” which cites the legal authority to destroy records after 10 years. We may be raising a false alarm, but it would be nice to know potential evidence in pending litigation is not being destroyed.

Our concern is the amount of litigation currently pending–both criminal and civil–over the University Place, Courthouse construction, CCDC, Civic Partners, and some lawyers. That entire mess has origins which may go back more than 10 years and we would hate to see prosecutors office records destroyed which may be pertinent.

Maybe you guys in the AG office or the media can check it out.

Here is an excerpt of the resolution:

WHEREAS, the Board of Ada County Commissioners has conducted a regular audit and upon the advice of the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney, has determined that the above-stated records be destroyed.
            BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Board of Ada County Commissioners hereby authorizes the immediate destruction of records pertaining to felony, misdemeanor, special prosecutor, habeas corpus and civil cases, on-call ledgers, civil time sheets and restitution, which have been retained not less than ten (10) years; and juvenile, child protection and traffic cases, which have been retained not less than five (5) years after the date of issuance or completion of the matter, and which are in the custody of the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney; and further, that such destruction occur under the direction and supervision of the Board’s Clerk.

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  1. Guardian;
    The good people of Ada county need to question Mr. Greg Bower’s destruction of legal document’s with the blessing of county Commissioners. It has a bad smell to it! There are too many illegal fiasco’s that go back many years that our politicians, lawyer’s and doctor’s have pulled off that will never see the light of day in a court of law if ” Bower and Commish Buddies” are given a free hand to destroy these documents. I give fair warning to all – ” Put Bower and his commissioner buddies on a short leash, or we all lose!”

  2. The only surprise here is that anyone would be surprised. Prosecutor Bowers’ (lack of) ethics has been on display repeatedly in the past two tears. He answers, it seems, to no one.

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