Hope For State Detox Compliance

We are not certain why the state of Idaho has decided to suddenly comply with the legislative mandate to act as the state authority to provide alcohol detox and substance abuse services, but we hope it was in part due to light shined on the problem by the GUARDIAN.

When Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney took it upon himself to get the ball rolling for the badly needed facility by including it in a new jail proposal, the GUARDIAN hauled out the law books and it became obvious it was a state function. We said as much in urging some state and local joint ventures in an October 1 DETOX POST.

When legislative auditors came to the same conclusion in December it was time to act. Here is the job posting to get the first employee onboard.


“The Division of Family and Community Services with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare is recruiting for a Project Director of the Division’s Substance Abuse Program to lead the development, implementation, and provide grant management and oversight of the Access to Recovery Grant.
Previous applications for this position will not be considered for this vacancy. Applications received will only be considered for this opening.
• Projects require the incumbent be skilled in project management, including the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of projects
• Develop project goals, work plans, timelines, implementation strategies, and evaluation methods
• Identify decision-making issues and key stakeholders, develop and implement strategies to encourage and obtain stakeholder and/or community awareness and support, and identify project partners
• Identify and coordinate with program committees and advisory groups
• Administer project budgets, authorize expenditures, and develop and monitor contracts
• Coordinate publicity and development of informational materials
• Supervise project staff and provide direction to a project team
• May train and advise staff, project advocates, and program participants
• Plan, facilitate and conduct meetings
• Measure, evaluate and communicate program performance”


This will still cost Ada County taxpayers, but hopefully a lot less than having Boise City and Ada County go it alone.

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  1. Why doesn’t the state of Idaho provide anti-addiction services to all of us since we are all addicted to some person, place, thing, thought, feeling or action?

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