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Personnel Poop at Poop Farm

It looks like the folks at Boise City forgot to mention to the public they have an opening at the “Poop Farm.” We can’t tell if they are looking for Superman or a husband.

No explanation of why they don’t want “outsiders”, but it looks like the job will go to a pre selected candidate. We ask, “Why not just promote the guy instead of making a phony job posting?”

This little gem appeared in the GUARDIAN mail over the Christmas Holidays. Sounds like they have a sucker already selected.

Opening Date: December 23, 2005 Closing Date: January 6, 2006

NOTE: A completed Driving/Criminal History Check Form must be submitted along with your application in order to be considered for this position.

OVERALL RESPONSIBILITIES: Performs skilled mechanical and manual tasks for the maintenance and repair of large scale agricultural systems; performs related work as required.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS OF THE JOB: Performs preventative maintenance and repairs on mechanical, irrigation, plumbing, and electrical systems; maintains and repairs buildings and grounds; conducts preventive maintenance; builds forms, pours and finishes concrete; operates light, medium and heavy equipment; welds, cuts and fabricates equipment, parts, tools and structures; equipment and grounds amenities; tests and repairs electrical circuitry; replaces, repairs, or installs pumps, engines, switches, and wiring; prepares and completes required reports.

REQUIRES: Knowledge of maintenance trade work including carpentry, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, pivot and linear irrigation systems; of construction and maintenance safety procedures; of building and mechanical maintenance practices. Ability to read blueprints, schematic diagrams and technical manuals; to use hand and power tools; to operate arc and oxy acetylene welders; to operate light, medium and heavy equipment; to communicate effectively orally and in writing. Ability to work weekends, off shifts, and flexible schedules as needed.

QUALIFICATIONS OF THE SUPERIOR CANDIDATE: Three or more years farm experience; A major portion of the work requires experience in the operation, maintenance and repair of a variety of medium to heavy duty agricultural equipment used for fertilizing, plowing, disking, soil preparation and harvesting; the maintenance and repair of center pivot and linear irrigation systems.

ADDITIONAL REQUIREMENTS: Ability to manipulate objects weighing up to 70 pounds; to work in cramped spaces, heights, around toxic fumes and in adverse weather conditions; to obtain and maintain a valid Idaho commercial driver’s license.

FULL SALARY RANGE: $2,260 to $3,390 per month.”


Even at the top salary, this wage is an affront to any human being with the skills required in the job description. At top pay of $40K a year for the position, it is just about what a starting cop makes and the risks of getting killed or injured far exceed those of the police…and the guy has to be a welder, carpenter, engineer, electrician, plumber,mechanic, and work around toxic fumes in crappy weather!

WAKE UP BOISE CITY, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR! Whoever wrote the job description should be ashamed of themselves.

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