Recruiting GUARDIAN Staff

After a holiday break to rejuvenate mind and body, we came up with an idea based on the on-line encyclopedia, WICKIPEDIA. If someone has expertise, they can write stories and even edit entries.
We would like to try it at the GUARDIAN.

Pay is the same as the editor–NOTHING.

If you have an interest, expertise, or peeve, YOU do the research, be able to back up the facts and keep it short, short, short. Look at GUARDIAN archives at the right and get a feel for what we do.

We are not offering equal space, we want more of OUR people offering up facts–not creating more work with rumors that need to be checked out. Get on the phone or internet, check the facts and share them!

We will be glad to give credit for good reporting and just as happy to keep writers names confidential.

While there are plenty of local government officials who will disagree, the GUARDIAN strives to be accurate and a hard hitting forum for getting our particular SLANT on the news to the public.

That slant is to uncover government waste, fraud, petty feuds, end runs around voters, and the propensity to develop every inch of bare ground in Southwest Idaho!

Right now we are a one man band and it is getting difficult to play all the instruments! We know we have reached a certain degree of success when readers chide us on missing stories or suggesting we do more coverage. At least they can’t threaten to cancel their subscriptions!

This blog was started because the local media “missed the story” on much of its own reporting. They would accurately report what the bureaucrats said, but it wasn’t always the TRUTH. The government types had grown much too comfortable with the lack of media scrutiny.

Now, hardly a week passes that either TV or the newspapers don’t pick up at least a couple of the GUARDIAN stories. We are also read by the local and state government officials on a daily basis–often included in the daily news summaries at some government agencies.

If you want to be “published,” get those ducks lined up and send us your proposals. We will be happy to offer guidance as well as editing the material to conform with libel and grammar rules.

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  1. How about all of us sending you “possible facts” and “pet peeves” provided by all of us and let all of us research the one you think should be first? I am not good at writing stories, but I can edit entries, research “possible facts” and document them, especially if someone else had the idea.

    Government and business officials are the ones I am most scared of. We need to expose both the predators and the good ones.

    I guess truth is a SLANT on the news nowadays.

    I think we should start with what we think is clearly illegal, immoral and/or unethical. Then move into the gray area between legal and illegal, between moral and immoral and/or between ethical and unethical.

    Or start with city and county government waste, my pet peeve.

  2. I think your on to something here.
    The more involved the public is, the better.

    If you could fit the pieces together, I would like to see this thing expanded. A greater voice for us and something even better for you.

    I would also like to see you with your own radio talk show or something along those lines at some point.

    There needs to be a balance between the good, the bad and the ugly. When it comes to news, that isn’t always easy to do. But if it were up to some, the good would be all you would hear about.


    Note: I am guessing that you haven’t heard back from that person with two sets of records for the farm. Too bad, they do exist.

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