Green Light on Red Flag

The GUARDIAN has talked to Ada County’s civil attorney and he assures us the planned destruction of records is necessary and that NO RECORDS will be destroyed on any pending or known litigation.

The GUARDIAN raised the red flag question when an item appeared on the County Commish agenda along with a resolution that appeared rather broad in its scope.

Attorney Ted Argyle lamented the lack of record storage space and the “furor” raised by the GUARDIAN posting–which merely raised the question that only appropriate documents get dumped.

Looks like a New Year’s resolution to clean house in the records room is in order. Green light.

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  1. One would have to be extremely naive to not recognize a scam when it is sitting in your lap. I think at least two of the commissioners have tons of stuff to hide and one cannot find that out from records which no longer exist. I think national leadership is morally bankrupt, but the local guys/gals are right up there fighting for first place.

    What, we are running out of room to store stuff?

  2. Ted’s right, but doesn’t this situation reveal that the guardian, and the residents of this county, have so little trust in the commissioners and Ted’s office that even a little housekeeping raises eyebrows? Maybe Ted and the commissioners have something new to focus on for the new year.

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