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In With New Out With Old

Jim Tibbs gets sworn in as new City Councilor Tuesday as he takes the chair Jerome Mapp has occupied for the past twelve years. Tibbs.jpg

To his credit, Tibbs has been doing his homework. He campaigned hard to get elected and then made it a point to attend council meetings after the election and prior to assuming office–not many would do that for free. We look forward to Councilor Tibbs hitting the ground running with a solid background knowledge on the issues facing the council.

Meanwhile, Mapp keeps his seat on the CCDC urban renewal agency (Capital City Development Corporation) which oversees the spending of citizen tax money diverted from Boise’s general fund for downtown development.

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  1. Guardian
    Is there any way that we can have an election for the CCDC seat between Brandi and Jerome? Really it makes a lot of sense that the losers from the City Council should get a shot at it! I think Brandi could spend millions of $ just as well as Jerome!

  2. Tibbs has a great deal to prove as a council member, and a great deal of negative history to overcome.

    I’ll be watching with some interest to see whether he becomes a work horse instead of a show horse.

  3. Mapp needs to be romoved from the CCDC. The mayor should do this asap. If the Mayor does not it clearly shows that the “good old boys (and girls)” on the City Council are playing the same old game!

    If the Mayor and Council do not remove Mapp then they should be held accountable. We’ll see if the Statesman Rag and or any of the TV stations care enough to even bring this up. Mapp was voted out – and that means OUT ALL THE WAY. Not just half way.

  4. Good ones Porcupine, Curmudgeon and Jeff.

  5. I take issue with the opinion that Tibbs has “a great deal of negative history to overcome.”

    Far as I know, the only major Tibbs controversy was the handling of the Matthew Jones aftermath, while Tibbs was serving as police chief. (Some would grouse at him because he took that job knowing up-front that it was a temporary appointment, and then applied for the permanent job. But I can’t blame him for applying, if he got into the job and decided he enjoyed it and wouldn’t mind doing it for awhile longer.) Tibbs is well-known in the community, and the community apparently supports him – they elected him over a long-standing incumbent. He’s my neighbor, and we talk from time to time. From all I can tell, he’s honest and forthright, and his intentions are what he says they are.

    I’m a little uncomfortable with having the deck stacked so much in the police department’s favor, what with 2 ex-cops, and a lady who sells stuff to cops, on the Council. But hopefully they’ll go out of their way to give us comfort that the cops don’t have carte blanche.

    I agree with those who feel Mapp’s ties with the public should be severed. Maybe he can go to work in the private sector for awhile.

  6. Jim Tibbs will do a lot of good for the city of Boise as a city council memeber. He has been a city servant of Boise for 32 years and has proved his devotion to the people of this town on numerous occasions.His political career in Boise is just starting…. when the citizens see what he accomplishes they will assure that and then start electing more ” citizen oriented” representatives to City and County positions!

  7. I lost a lot of respect for Jim Tibbs with the way he conducted himself after not being selected in the final for the chief job. Maybe he will be a good council member, but I’m more inclined to think he will just try to showboat his way to further power.

  8. Mr.
    Jan 11, 2006, 3:14 pm

    I will bet he is probably going to exploit the “democrat cronyism” link between the Mt View Power people and the mayor’s staff. Word on the street is Bieter’s people have a plan to get taxpayers to buy land and then help their buddies by offering up low rent tax exempt ground, screwing the county, ACHD, and schools out of taxes while earning Boise “rent.” GUARDIAN needs to look into that deal.

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