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This has been an incredibly busy two months of 2006!

My profound apologies for not devoting much time to the GUARDIAN recently, but I have been on the road and try to manage the site from borrowed computers.

As promised, here is a link to photos we made as an ARGENTINA SAMPLER. If that doesn’t slack your thirst for images, try for the full dose of ALL ARGENTINA. Just click on the photos to enlarge them.

The FORGET FREE SPEECH story is one of the biggest to hit the GUARDIAN and without a doubt has sparked the most comments. I hope we haven’t missed any and I apologize if any are out of order due to using unfamiliar computers and programs to read your comments.

For the most part the comments and commenters have displayed great civility and intellect. Keep up the good work.

When I am able to post new stories, we are getting over 10,000 hits DAILY. YOU have made the GUARDIAN a voice in local politics and probably a FORCE in local government decisions. In the next day or two we will make some postings on events of the past week.
Meanwhile, thanks for letting me share the ARGENTINA pictures, thanks for your comments, and thanks for your interest in our community.

Regards to all,

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