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Gun Merchant Senator To try Again

Meridian Arms dealer, Senator Gerry Sweet, has vowed to introduce his controversial concealed weapons bill next year, but it will be a pared down version with different language.

He wanted to allow people to carry weapons concealed in vehicles without a permit, but cops and sheriffs raised a ruckus and the media got to picking on him, so the bill was pulled, claiming there was too much disinformation going around.

The current law is archaic to say the least. It refers to “logging camps and express officers” and allows “officials” of just about any government agency to carry without a permit, but doesn’t define an official. Any ELECTED official can carry without training or a permit–irrigation districts, cemetery and library districts all have ELECTED commissioners. No requirements for training or background checks.

People with mental problems aren’t supposed to carry concealed weapons and we all know some of those types must have been elected to office. What about felons who are also “officials” or even ELECTED officials?

In one proposed version, drivers would be required to “confess” to cops if they have a gun without a permit, hence giving up 5th amendment rights to self incrimination. That ill-thought phrase is simply unconstitutional.

Bottom line: the concealed weapons law needs to be totally rewritten with proper definitions. There is too much confusion now over loaded and unloaded guns, officials, and much more.

Hate to say it, but this concealed weapons law language needs to be cleaned up by some lawyers with debate by cops, legislators, and gun nuts before it is written into law. Too much emotion and not enough clear thinking by those without a vested interest.

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