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Local Governments Need Scrutiny

Ada commishes approved plans for the SunCor Development planned community off Highway 55 north of Eagle a month ago and now the City of Boise is taking them to court over the decision.

Mayor Dave Bieter has opposed the project from the beginning–now he knows how it feels to be ignored by local government officials! City says they are just asking the court to review the county’s actions to see if it was done properly.

Like it or not, the county probably crossed their “t” and dotted their “i”. This is not unlike the residents of southwest Boise fighting annexation by the city. They don’t like it, but there probably isn’t much the courts can–or would– offer in the way of relief. Judges are reluctant to meddle in governmental decisions unless there is ample cause.

If the city is TRULY concerned about procedures, they should look into the sale of that postage stamp-sized parcel of land for the proposed 17 story skyscraper at 8th and Front Street by the parking garage.

The Greater Boise Auditorium District , G-BAD, sold it to the developer for $350,000. There was no public hearing, no advertisement, and no bidding. They told a mainstreamer it was done with the advice of their attorney.

The GUARDIAN thinks the attorney focused on the DEAL and ignored the fact his client is a GOVERNMENT and not a business…subject to different rules. We think G-BAD has to follow the public property disposal laws like any other government in Idaho and they didn’t.

The GUARDIAN has raised the issue with attorneys at Boise City and Ada County. We will keep you posted.

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  1. Poor Mayor and City Council – they file a lawsuit to “appeal” the Suncor deal. The Mayor states that the appeal is because they “feel it doesn’t fit where it is planned”. Boy oh boy….how many neighborhoods have pleaded the same case before them to find that rationale spat upon. If you look at the very letter of the plan the City’s very own Comp Plan it allows the development!

    Then they say the the County made “proceedure errors”. Funny that these errors are the VERY SAME ERRORS that the City Council and Planning Director make virtually every week in promoting their Blueprint For Goofy Growth plan promoting density at all cost….Not to mention the personal relationships with developers.

    Seems like the City is just plain being NIMBY!! (Not in my back yard) Against something they slam concerned neighborhoods about every week.

    Maybe they will now get a taste of their own medicine.

    Just has they have shoved row houses and massive condos down our throats now they get to see what it really feels like.

    Their NIMBY appeal will get the same response that they themselves gave the HUNDREDS of neighbors that have come before them….thank you for being here..we have already made up our minds…so now sit down and shut up because we are smarter than you voters or property owners.

  2. Heard last night that the city was appealing the County’s decision on the planned community out by Eagle – maybe they feel like all the rest of us low lifes that try to appeal decisions and are told, “we are really glad you are here (a Lie) but we followed the law so sit down, shut up go home!”

  3. Isn’t it comforting to know that we, the loyal Boise city resident taxpayers, will foot the bill for:
    1) The city’s court action challenging the Suncor approval,
    2) The county’s defense of their Suncor approval, and
    3) The salary of the judge, Bailiff Rusty, etc.

    Your tax dollars at work!

  4. Blueprint For Growth?? This situation CLEARLY shows that the blueprint is simply the tool that BOISE CITY has used and will use to get things done their way. They are the biggest NIMBY’s in the valley.

    Many of us that attended the blueprint meetings were shocked to see that our thoughts and comments were modified and adjusted to “fit” into the agenda and conclusions that the planners already had decided.

    Eagle, Star, Kuna and Meridian had better wake up and do what THEIR voters want and NOT what the URBAN DENSITY zealots in Boise want. I do not live in Boise for a reason! And I do not want my town becoming Boise.

    Someone in one of your comments called the blueprint the Blueprint for Goffy Growth – – I would call it the Blueprint For Boise to Control Ada County!

    They think they know it all and they don’t.

  5. Like it or not if you live in a subdivision in Kuna, Star, Middleton, Eagle, Meridian or even in the County nondescript; you live in SPRAWL!

    Here is a popular definition of Sprawl: Irresponsible, poorly planned development that destroys green space, increases traffic and air pollution, crowds schools and drives up taxes.

    We have already subsidized Sprawl with the Meridian School Bond. The new schools built will help to lure even more Sprawlifornians in search of our mythical “good quality of life”.

    Avimor can say that it is a contained community. But no rich turd will work in his own community. “Oh Muffy, would you like whipped cream in your Mocha?” Control population and you will control sprawl.

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