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Boise’s Planning and Zoning Commission sided up with existing residents Monday when they rejected plans for a 119 feet tall building in an area zoned for 45 feet structures. Quasar Development was attempting to get permission to build the tower on Park Boulevard near Walnut. existing resents and East End neighbors protested the project and at least for now they prevailed. The Idaho Statesman in an editorial took a position opposite the citizens desires.


A man from Eagle has emerged as the driving force for a Boise detox center. He wants to put $500,000 of Boise taxpayer money with a $1 million federal grant to fund a city owned and operated facility. The proposal comes after talks between Boise and Ada County broke down last month over a detox facility in a new section of the county jail.

Few people in government deny the need for a drug and alcohol treatment center. The stumbling block is who will pay for it. State law is absolutely clear that Idaho’s Health and Welfare Department SHALL provide facilities and treatment. The legislature has not provided funds and H&W has ignored the law mandating they provide treatment.

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  1. The detox center is certainly a complex issue and I don’t claim to have a solution. But I also don’t understand why our two major medical centers (non-profit organizations) need to spend so much money on advertising. How many of us tell our doctor where we want to go? If even a portion of these significant budgets were shifted to help fund a detox center, wouldn’t it be a win, win situation. The community benefits by having a much needed treatment facility and our hospitals benefit by not having to absorb those costs related to treating these patients. Nice ads though.

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