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Guv Risch At Your Service

Note to Lt. Gov. Jim Risch:

“Get down to Secretary of State Big Ben’s office by 5p.m. Friday with $300 if you still want a shot at that lifelong dream of being ELECTED governor.”

Friday is the filing deadline for statewide office. Risch has already filed for Lt. Gov. and had previously said he would not run against Congressman Butch Otter. We bet he is in the “keep my options open mode” for the next 24 hours.

Gotta admit it sounds kinda silly to have an incumbent governor running for LIEUTENANT Governor!

Speculation is running rampant about motivation for the appointment of Dirk Kempthorne as lame duck Interior Secretary to fill the vacancy created when Gale Norton resigned from the Bush cabinet.

–The Presidential Tamarack vacation last summer could have greased the skids for Guv Dirk to get the appointment. He has “stood ready to serve” for quite a while.

–Could G. Dubya be seeking revenge on Butch for voting against the Patriot Act? Butch could now face a challenger in the primary from an incumbent governor. We will know Friday. Maybe they are all just a bunch of happy Republicans.

Lots of unfinished business in the legislature where the pecking order is about to change with Risch leaving his Lt. Governor post where he was the president of the senate. Everyone will move up a notch. We will see a new Pro-Tem and a new Lt. Gov.

Fears of Kempthorne’s veto stamp have now vanished. With Risch’s legislative savvy and political clout, Idahoans could be treated to fast and furious moves beneath the capitol dome in the next few months.

Word has it that Risch, an attorney and gentleman rancher, spent nearly $400,000 of his own money to get the $35,000 a year Lt. Gov. post. If Kempthorne is confirmed by the U.S. senate–and there is no reason to think he will have problems– this will be the second time Risch has taken office without being elected.

He lost a senate race in his Boise district and was subsequently appointed by Gov. Phil Batt to the state senate when that seat was vacated a few years later.

Think of all the good news-bad news jokes this will spawn depending upon your political viewpoint.: “Good news is Dirk quit. Bad news is he will be running the BLM, Bur. of Reclamation, Indian Affairs, etc. etc.

Good news is Dirk can’t veto legislation. Bad news is Risch is Governor.

Good news is Risch has more rapport with legislature. Bad news is Risch has more rapport with legislature.

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  1. Risch seems to have a reputation as a dour sourpuss. It’ll be interesting to see how that plays out.

  2. Good news…. Risch is now Governor… Bad news Otter is still going to move into his ex-Father- in Law’s house as our next Governor ( the Bad news is for JR)

  3. So Bob Geddes = new Lt. Gov, and Bart Davis = new Pro Tem?

  4. Yup, these “promotions” are the “good news and the bad news” of the week. Hollywood Dirk is probably quitting as Gov. where he has done irreparable harm by pimping his “adopted” state. Good deal! Better late than never. I’m certain that his bounced checks, questionable use of “campaign” funds, support of self serving legislation and property tax dereliction will be overlooked as standard operating procedures. Kerry-Heinz, Hillary, Boxer, Feinstein, Kennedy, Schumer, et. al. will probably look upon those practices as admirable.
    The REALLY bad news is that he will be in an even better position, for a minimum of three years, to cut even more lucrative deals for himself and to further “service” Idaho. (I take his proud declarations about his years of “service” to Idahoans in the same vein as the artificial breeders who “service” bulls and then impregnate cows. I’m not certain if it makes the bulls smile but I know most of the cows don’t care for it!)
    I can almost hear the phone call to Mrs. Gov. “Hey Patty, don’t worry about trying to dig up the ten dollar taxes for the fourteen acres at Tamarack. They are small taters now. I have a shot at the WHOLE henhouse. . .” With any luck, he’ll scam some land in California and go home at the end of his new “service.”
    Does anyone know if Dirk will be able to keep and increase his “campaign” funds? How will he survive in even more expensive D.C. without his exclusive petty cash/slush fund account?
    Pierre’s, and many other’s, money has been well spent purchasing Dirk. Bet the French foo-foo wine is flowing in unbridled celebrations at Tamarack.

  5. The real reason that Dirk took this new job in DC is that you can get free haircuts in the executive office building. 😉

  6. Guardian, correct me if I’m wrong but this doesn’t mean everyone in leadership moves up the ladder. Risch gets to appoint a Lt. Governor. If that’s the case I’d wager it won’t be Geddes or Davis. My money’s on Little. Any other guesses out there?

    ED NOTE–Brad Little is the name we hear most often for Lt. Gov. Risch will run for Lt. Gov. as incumbent Gov. Sorta Like a general running for colonel.

  7. Gotta admit it sounds kinda silly to have an incumbent governor running for LIEUTENANT Governor!

    Yes Guardian ….only in Idaho?

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