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GUARDIAN editor Dave Frazier will be the featured guest on the AM 580 KIDO radio talk show Thursday. The show airs at 9 a.m.

Topics to be discussed include internet news sites, Boise City and Ada County local governments.
Tune in to hear the voice behind the GUARDIAN website.

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  1. To bad you are not going to be on KBOI 670 AM and channel 12, and then we could see the face and hear the voice…. on second thought maybe we should leave well enough alone!;)

  2. “The GUARDIAN is free, not part of any social agenda, religious group, political party or cult.”

    Well, it’s free. That part seems to be true. But from the links over there on the right side, and what you’re saying on KIDO…the rest of that statement is not true.

    You sound like a left version of Pat Buchanan…isolationist, sour, disagreeable, and a liberal.

    The Treasure Valley could use a “revealer” to talk about things government and business around here are doing. But you aren’t it yet…you’re just an anti-government complainer.

    Keep working on “freeing yourself” from agenda, religion and politics. You won’t be human then, but you might be interesting.

  3. If the Guardian is left of Buchanan and left wing liberal then Mr. Agenda must be so right wing he flies in circles – having one right wing only. 🙂

  4. Hey,Agenda-driven cultist, it is interesting to note your comments about Frazier being “just an anti-government complainer” when TRUTHFULLY he has legally stopped, in court, the City of Boise from building a new police station WITHOUT voter approval. A “complainer” in my mind is someone who DOES nothing. Frazier is a person who does MUCH and then more. I would suggest you do some research and learn from a true citizen, who has earned the right to complain in my book.

  5. Way to go Guardian. I’d say gadfly would be a term that fits you. You are interesting and you are appreciated, despite Mr. Reynolds ascerbic comments to the contrary. Its funny how the right only seems to find people interesting that they can pigeonhole into one of their black or white categories. I certainly don’t agree that you are liberal. Keep avoiding classification.

  6. I agree. Gadfly is a better fit than Buchanan, but both are useful descriptors. I detect a more libertarian streak than that former Nixon staffer, however, so I’d subtract some of that hard-right conservativeness. And since I’m doing celebrity math I think there is also a little bit of Walter Mitty and a spice of Ace Updraft.

  7. Chet Parker
    Apr 3, 2006, 11:03 pm

    I have to say that I had to quit listening to KIDO’s morning program shortly after moving to this lovely city because while everything else about the place made me smile and feel good, listening to John and Kris was enough to make me feel ill. I’m used to stimulating conversation, informative interviews and a little humor mixed in with real “news” and boy, I have to say, after a few mornings of listening to that hard format show, I could’ve done the darn thing myself.

    I swear the same words were spoken at exactly the same moments every morning…for weeks..months and apparently years on that show. My question is why did it take the management so incredibly long to realize they were boring the hell out of people? I pass by the KIDO frequency now and then, while searching for something interesting as I drive to work and I swear it makes me laugh when I hear the voice-challenged female trying to read yesterdays news from the wires and the Idaho Statesman, while the guy who still thinks radio personalities have to try to talk in as deep a voice as possible saying “traffic and weather together” as if hearing traffic reports and weather reports back to back was God’s greatest gift to radio listeners and we could only get this gift from KIDO.

    I often wanted to call them and ask why they felt the need to design their program for ignorant people when there are so many intelligent people out here who would welcome something intelligent to listen to in the mornings.

    Maybe the Daves… Frazier and Burnett… can raise the bar a little. Boise certainly deserves some quality talk radio and so far,nobody has been able to produce that. It’s very embarrassing to browse through Boise’s talk radio offerings in the morning and find nothing but youngsters cracking themselves up by being vulgar on the radio. Any fool can do that… how about encouraging somebody to offer something of substance? My guess is it won’t be Clear Channel but somebody should step up to the challenge of doing a service for the state’s capital city.

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