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Bill Green
Chef Bill Green Catering Company
1318 Ada
Boise, ID 83702
Depot: I am the Chef of Bill Green Catering Co. I started establishing my business in October, got all the appropriate permits, set up my kitchen, and my health certification. I’ve had a couple requests to do events up at the Boise Depot and to my astonishment I am not allowed to do events there. I have done events there over the last 14 years and worked with Georgia quite often. I am taken aback that the city would take this position. I do a lot of non-profit as well as profits for the Depot. I’ve had to pull back on my non-profits because of the loss of business that would be impacting my company this year as well as ‘07. I estimated a loss of about $75,000 in the next two years and that’s being conservative in the amount. I was really disappointed to hear the approach that the city is taking and I would appreciate the Mayor to consider this and look into how discriminatory it is. The whole thing is just bizarre and I never thought the city would attempt to do anything like this. This property is being misrepresented to the public. We need to come up with a solution that will benefit the people of Boise as well as the industry. I would appreciate a call back.
Action Taken: Contacted him

Francis McKenna
4855 N. Norwood
Boise, ID 83703
Protest: There are probably 4 or 5,000 people blocking Capitol Blvd. Traffic cannot flow across Capitol because there is a protest meeting that was approved by City Hall. That’s ok, but, if you’re going to do that, you have to have policeman down there to make sure that traffic can get through and across Capitol Blvd. We can’t get across our own city due to this and it’s ridiculous. They cannot jam the city shut. Let’s not have this happen again.
Action Taken: left msj

Linda Conrad
384 Enchantment Street
Eagle, ID 83616
Against Illegal immigration: I moved here last June from Burbank, California. I am outraged at the thousands of people rallying against the immigration reform. I am for it and I want our Congressman to go back and draft good comprehensive immigration reform. I don’t want to be held hostage by the requests of people who come here illegally. I am a registered democrat but we moved to get away from that situation occurring in Los Angeles and I don’t want the politicians of Idaho to succumb to the pressure of this that the immigrants are putting upon us.
Sent M/CC postcard

Charles Conn
101 East Wright Gate
Meridian, ID
Against Illegal immigration: I wanted to voice my opinion against illegal immigration. They should not get amnesty or any special privileges and I don’t like them marching in America. They should come here legally like everyone else had to do. I’m backing the legislation and I’m originally from Los Angeles and I know what illegal immigration can do to a city or a state.
Action Taken: Gave wrong address

Brian Buckholtz
Rally complaint: I’m a resident of Nampa and my question and concern is this rally that took place Saturday in front of the Boise Capital. It was an assembly and people have the right to assembly but they are supposed to notify public officials so that the people can be warned about traffic problems and such. If I had known about this parade and demonstration, I would have wanted to go down there but until I saw it on the news, I didn’t even know it was going on. I see nothing in legal notices about a permit being applied for. I wonder if they even had a permit and notified officials of it. There was nothing in the newspaper or on the news beforehand. I feel uninvited to this. I would like to know if they were not permitted, was this legal? Did anyone get cited? Thank you.
Action Taken: tried to contact no answering machine

Nancy Little
Concern for BPR: She called with a concern about the separation of BPR to the Mayor’s Office. She wants them to be kept together. This is regarding CAR – 06113.

William Miller (Bill)
4761 N. Tumbleweed
Legal: Bill called with a concern about a case that he has been trying to get tried. He and his wife were taking a walk one night recently when a man attempted to run them down. The City attorneys have declined the case for prosecution and everything is currently on hold. This was a serious and dangerous matter for him and his wife. He wants to see something done. He stated the City attorneys are no help. What can he do?
M/CC Legal

Jason Dodson
675 S. 13th St. #4409
Boise Id 83702
BCAC Housing: He was befriended by a woman who ended up stealing his narcotics and selling them for money. He reported her and has a number of BP610-620. He would like to be moved to a different apartment and is afraid he may be kicked out.
Action Taken: contacted BCAC housing

William Miller
4761 N. Tumbleweed Place
Boise, ID 83713
Legal: I’m calling in reference to DR529373. It involves an incident in which my wife and I were walking one evening on Sept. 14 of 2005. There was a gentleman that had gone by us, put his car in reverse, and attempted to run us down. We had called 911 and put in contact with Officer Griffin, he took a report from us, we got a description and license number of the car and went through an 8 week process of looking at pictures and identifying the gentleman. Officer Griffin filled out paperwork and sent it in to the city attorney’s office for assault charges. We found out in late December of 2005 that is was denied from the attorney’s office from Denyce Udink. We had contacted Officer Griffin and we were told that they turned it down and he told us he was dumbfounded. We investigated and found out the attorney’s office didn’t even look at the evidence that was supplied in the form of a letter. They indicated that an assault charge could not be filed if no verbal threat was issued and that was city code as well as state code. We petitioned to have them look at it again and to date I have heard nothing back from the attorney’s office. I have left numerous messages and I am concerned that the City of Boise either turns a blind eye towards this behavior or advocates it. That’s the impression I get and Office Griffin seems to have a very similar perception that this is ridiculous that the attorney’s office would not look at this. I would appreciate a call back.
M/CC Legal
Action Taken: Letter sent

Leane Chaffee
3 Mesa Vista Dr.
Boise, ID 83705
Downtown Infill: I’m calling regarding an issue that may be becoming before the city council this evening. It’s about adding 6 more stories to the Boise parking garage and next to that is low income housing. That makes no sense. For one you have an upscale high rise going in across the street and I’m not convinced that those that are in the high rise will want to be looking at those in the low income. Also, the parking garage is always filled as it is. Another thing I noticed, when I went down to shop in the boutiques, there were 3 young kids that were leaving a mess in front of Idaho Camera. The manager came out and told them to clean it up and they went away angry that they had been disciplined. I don’t feel safe down there as it is and I don’t feel like it would be a good place to add a large percentage of low income apartments that could be inhabited by those that are not safe.
sent postcard

Larry Grensing
2825 S. Monitor Ave.
Boise, Id 83709
Depot: The purpose of my call today is to express the low displeasure in what’s going on with our train depot. I don’t agree that it be only rented to those that can afford it. I believe that that will be the case for everything in the near future. I do not agree with this and there has been a lot of people say that say the depot and the city does not need to be in that business. This is my first call to your office and we were recently annexed into Boise and I am starting to follow things a little closer than I used to. I hope you can do the right thing in this situation. I support you and your staff but this is so wrong. Thank you.

Jean Parker
4611 W. Quail Ridge Dr.
Boise, ID 83703
Depot: I have a comment and reaction to a news story I heard concerning the Boise Depot and the fact that for some reason unknown to me that BPR has decided to have a list of preferred caterers that are allowed to cater at the Depot and others are not. To me it is a city owned building, the city licenses the caterers, and they pay fees to be allowed to cater in the city and this max of exclusion and this max of prejudice is unacceptable. I don’t know what to say except I’m paying taxes for the privilege of using that depot and I feel I have the right to use anyone I want as long as they are licensed by the city and abide by the rules of the Depot. I understand the same thing is happening at the Art Museum. You have to have a name approved by the Art Museum. The Depot is a city building and function as far as I’m concerned. If it were private I would not have a problem. I want to express my displeasure on this particular policy by BPR. It’s unfair and inequitable. As a tax payer I think it should be thrown out.
Action Taken: contacted her

Rick Munson
1037 Warm Springs Ave
Boise, ID 83712
BPD: Sir, I want to thank you. Money well spent. The motorcycle police are tearing them up and the Chief of Police has repositioned them on the connector. This is a wise move and people are slowing down because you can’t see them hiding. School zones are great. After school, Overland, Franklin, Fairview, they are tearing them up. The helmet heads rule. After three tickets, I have to sit back and watch. My insurance company told me it would be wise and so did my bank. I just wanted to tell you thank you. They are all doing a job well done.

John Rauer
2807 W. Grover
Boise ID 83705
Barking Dogs: His neighbors at 2806 Agate have 2 barking dogs. He has advised them that they are barking and involved the Humane Society but they continue to leave the dogs out during the day when they go to work and they bark all day. Mr. Rauer is willing to sign a complaint.
M/CC Humane Society

Graffiti: I’m calling about graffiti on a fence at the corner of Patton and Girdon in West Boise, 83704. I know the police has come and looked at it but the neighbor has not done anything about it.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti on a wooden fence. It’s on Fairview and Westgate near Wells Fargo Bank. If you go through their drive through banking area, you look straight ahead and there’s a wooden fence with red graffiti writing. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Jan Peterson
Graffiti and potholes complaint: Hello Mayor, I know you are not going to return my call or follow up on my issue but I have been dealing with a situation since 1989 in the neighborhood where graffiti was painted over by homeowners per the Mayor’s instructions with excess household paint. It looks terrible and we would like the same gray spray paint as painted on the barricades at 32nd and Hill Rd used between Stone Creek and N. 28th on the north side of Hill Rd at the retaining walls. If you could route that to the correct department, we’d like to see the old paint sprayed off to restore our neighborhood. Also, the Magnolia Apartments, owned by Park Lane Developments has leasing agreement with Boise Housing Authority and it is their job to fix the potholes on Magnolia St. We would appreciate your prompt attention to fixing these potholes as well as broken windows, garage doors, and everything seen from my house. There is garbage all around the buildings on the grass. We would again appreciate your help with this.
Action Taken: CE meeting with her

Erin Hanson
Graffiti: I wanted to report graffiti on a stop sign at the corner of Gage and Garden in Boise. If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Thanks and have a great day.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Ronda Hilburn
405 Bacon Drive
Graffiti: My concern is the graffiti we see around town. I wondered about the building at 808 River Street between the library and River St. It’s off to the side on the right as you are heading to River St. I have seen the fireman working there doing their training and I wondered who’s responsible for removing the graffiti in the old alley. I think that if we cover it quicker then it would help to discontinue the use. Also, I would think that if someone volunteered to help cover up the graffiti, I am sure people in the community would come out. Just a suggestion.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Don Coberly
395 Hearthstone
Boise, ID 83702
Graffiti: There is some graffiti on a utility box right in front of Washington School on 15th street. We should get it off as soon as possible.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Betty Bieker
Graffiti: We were driving down the corner of Milwaukee and Ustick and there is a pumping station south of Reggie’s Veggies and there has been graffiti on these pumping stations that has been marked out but on the south side of it there is new graffiti back on it. We want to make sure that was removed also. We appreciate it that the previous marking were taken off.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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