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Eagle Residents Balk at Gravity

Reader “Sisyphus” suggested we take a look at a piece by reporter Than Tan of KBCI TV.

“Guardian, I bet your readers would be interested in talking about the threatened lawsuit against the federal and state agencies by the homeowners in Eagle Island arguing that government is not doing enough to stop the flooding. Yes, that’s right, the homeowners who knowingly bought their house in the flood plain plan to sue the government for their predicament.”

It is not nice to fool Mother Nature, but the folks who own those pricey houses in the flood zone on Eagle Island are rattling their upscale sabers with legal threats aimed at the Corps of Engineers, FEMA, EPA, Idaho Water Resources, Ada County, and the City of Eagle.

We hate to quote George Bush, but the GUARDIAN says, “Bring it on!”

If the Island Woods Homeowners Association has enough cash to fund a court battle against the city, county, state AND federal government it will be worth the price of admission to watch. Wonder how many Idaho Natives are in that group!

The heart of their gripe is they want the Boise River diverted from the south channel because their president, Ric Tenner, thinks the north channel should carry 70% of the river flow.

We hate to set up Tenner as a target for GROWTHOPHOBES, but when he went on camera asking to be “saved” he wasn’t generating much sympathy from any of the government folks or those of who can’t affort to live in the hills or along the river.

Gravity lesson for new home owners: Idaho water flows DOWNWARD to the lowest point.

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  1. Pin a target and paint the big dot red. What a goof. I liked John Jackson (of the Jackson food store Jackson’s I’m certain) and his neighbor Ben Beirmann tonight who said they thought people wanting to sue were NUTS. They live right on the river and their retaining walls are falling apart and they will likely get their burning bushes and rhodadendrons washed away. Something about a good ol’ Homedale boy putting things in perspective was refreshing.

    They said they think the media gives too much HYPE and not enough actual INFORMATION. Imagine that. And on Channel 2, to boot.

    Oh, and Joanie Shriver or whatever her name is gets my vote for worst hair. OMG….looks like roadkill!

  2. This is just unreal.
    Is there any better sign that Ada County is nearing complete Californication?

  3. Gee, they wanna sue everybody except the ones actually responsible for their woes: themselves for living where the water flows, and God, who I’ve heard tell is the only one who can control the rain and the snowmelt.

    So, name themselves and Him as the sole defendants, and they’ve got a pretty good case.

  4. I sure hope these folks aren’t looking for someone to feel sorry for them.

    They have tried everything they can to stop public acsess to the river and I must admit, done a good job of it in most places. Maybe it’s flush time. Flush them on down the river!

  5. Bummer. More frivolous lawsuits brought by frivolous ninnies. Too bad that, one more time, they, the proud river rat residents, may be allowed to waste taxpayer’s time and money.
    I agree with James. We have been pretty well Kalifornicated. What is the worst case? Even if a bunch of the whining bozos get washed clear to Oregon, they aren’t an endangered or native species. There are hundreds of thousands more just like them chomping at their bits to move here to the land of milk, honey, simple natives and beautiful white water.
    If you want to see Boyzee Valley living at its finest, checkout the new blight at So Cloverdale and Kuna Mora. (It’s creatively named “Arrow” something.) Apparently even one of Boise’s finest commutes to work from his new “country” home. Maybe the car overnights in that far flung location to keep a watchful eye on the poop farm antics just south of there. It is grand of you generous Boiseans to pay for his gas and vehicle maintenance. At least that is one emergency vehicle that shouldn’t be affected by a sudden rise in the river.

  6. I think Mr. Tenner and his group should do a little research before they start legal action. The historic flow split on the Main and South channels has been anything but 70/30 for the past number of years. The USGS gauge at Eagle (Eagle Rd & South channel) was put in to provide accurate data on the flow.

    This gauge combined with the Glenwood gage and simple math will provide a reasonable estimate of what the split has been. For the period of Jan-01 2000 to Sep-30 2005 on average, 57.6% of the flow at Glenwood has gone down the South channel. Note this is a quick “engineering estimate”, for a more accurate one, the complete flow records from IDWR and the Boise River watermaster for each of the diversions would need to be used. However, the result from this estimate will be within +/-5%.

    The point is, the flow on the south channel is nowhere near the 30% that these homeowners want it. I believe they will learn the hard way what happens when you start playing with water rights in Idaho, because the current split is for water rights not aesthetics.

    P.S The gal with the BAD hair is Kelly Franzen. I agree it does look like road kill sitting on top of her head.

  7. I’m trying hard to not take the side of the IWHA here, but the City of Eagle took money in exchange for building permits. I don’t know, I’m asking those of you who do, were builders/buyers forced to sign flood-plain waivers?

    Regardless, no-one stood up and said no to building there. I can only imagine the rants from the “natives” after people had chained themselves to a tree with green signs that said, “no building, this is a floodplain.”

    It’s only logical that those on the river love and want to protect their homes. We should have seen this coming. Sadly, we’re all probably gonna have to pay because this very well may end up in the judicial system.

    BTW, from March 29 thru April 5, the Army Corp, (or is it the Bureau of Reclamation) reduced the river flow from about 3000 cfs to about 2500 cfs. I’m no hydrologist, but I felt that was a bad idea, and that flows should have been greater earlier.

    My point here is humans mangage the Boise River. Therefore other humans have a right to question the decisions and credentials of the “managers”. What if…..someone truly incompetent or evil purposely withheld water flow in order to cause a massive flood in May?

    Sounds like we need Homeland Security involved too. (Smile)

    EDITOR NOTE–River flow is a balancing act mostly dictated by snow fall and historic records. That is why we hear daily reports in the winter that snow is a certain % of normal or average. The goal is to save as much water for summer use (recreation, irrigation, power generation) as possible and still have a “cushion” for flood storage. Ultimately Mother NAture makes the decisions with rain and snowmelt rate. About 70% of all water comes to us as snow.

  8. Water flows downstream

    Desperate Eagle Island

    Spring Ninnies Blossom

  9. Thanks Ferris…I forgot how much I love Haiku!

  10. It boggles the mind, it really does. How can they expect any of us to feel sympathy for them and their homes? Why didn’t they buy a fancy house IN THE HILLS. (Good views from the hills, I’ve been told.) I’m just glad I got the high ground in Kuna.

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