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MAYOR’S HOTLINE April 17 to 21 2006

Marjorie Kramer
Car Wash: I’ve had an experience with a car wash in Boise. My hub cab was taken off of my ’93 Cadillac and they won’t do anything about it. I don’t see why they couldn’t find my hub cap and make some kind of a response on it.
Action Taken: called and she had it solved

Wayne Crawford
11832 W. Alfred St.
Boise ID 83713
Ustick: I’m calling to say that I’m a Boise tax payer and I don’t approve of the way you’re handling this thing with ACHD. I travel Ustick on a daily basis and I want it to be five lanes. You all need to go out there between 3-7pm, it’s a nightmare. I support the 5-lane measure and will be vocal about it. It’s not right that a smaller group of people affects the greater good.
Action Taken: postcard mailed

Terry Dougal
Ustick: She wanted to tell the Mayor that if he does not stand up to ACHD regarding this Ustick situation then he will not win again for re-election.

Christina Lucky
Boys and Girls Club: I am calling for Dave Bieter to discuss the possibility of looking into the process of opening up a Boys and Girls Club in Southeast Boise. I’m a local teacher and team working with the regional leaders for the National Network for after school programming. I’ll be attending the governor’s round table trying to spearhead some of that network. I would love to talk to you about your interests in a possible making of an after school service like the boys and girls club. If you could give me a call that would be fantastic. Thank you for your support.
Action Taken: He contacted her

Trent Hally
2101 Harrison Blvd
Boise, ID 83702
Traffic and speed limit concern: I would like to know what we could do about getting the 36th street and Hill Rd. intersection changed back from a round about back to the original drawing for the intersection. I am concerned about the large amounts of traffic that has increased just in the last year or two. We were over capacity a year ago and I’m sure we are well over capacity now. Not only is it so saddening to see so many cars on our street but it would be nice to have the speed limit lowered and a few crosswalks for the junior high kids. To see there is no plan in place for traffic is concerning. I would like the speed and amount of traffic planned out. I was born and raised here in Boise and I’ve lived in the north end for 12 years.

Terry Dougal
8250 Ustick Road
Boise, ID 83704
Ustick Road Widening Concern: I am calling about the Ustick road widening. We were told at the city council meeting that they were waiting for ACHD to meet at their meeting the next day, yesterday. We had one of our representatives attend the meeting and they said that nothing had been arranged. They did not receive anything from city council and that there would be several weeks before anything about Ustick would be on the agenda and then in the meantime the project was moving forward. I want to know whose lying and who’s telling the truth. Is Boise City telling the truth or is ACHD? I’m very upset about this. We were under the impression that Boise City was on our side and they don’t want Ustick road widened. I don’t know why we are all being ignored by ACHD. This situation needs to be mitigated. Thank you.
Action Taken: noticed of 4/26 meeting

Howard Jones
8481 Rifleman Street
Boise, ID 83704

Cable One: My comment is that I know Cable One operates under the city in a franchise. I went today to add on my service for wireless internet to take advantage of the 6 month special and they requested my credit card number. I said no and they said they couldn’t do it and they needed to “store” it. This means she just needed it to store it in case I didn’t honor the contract. The difference between the non-contract and the 6 month obligation is $10 a month. We are talking 60 dollars a month and they wanted my credit card number. I have to wonder how many numbers are stored down there. You are always told to be protective of your credit card number. My concern is that they are allowed to do that as a matter of business. I was able to resolve this but I was in there for quite awhile and it eventually went to the manager’s level. Still in violation of their procedures I just paid in advance. My concern is that Cable One is just storing credit card numbers from citizens. They had to go to the manager’s level to bend the rule. It was ridiculous. This doesn’t make sense and I’m concerned for everyone that is talked into this. Could you have someone look into that and evaluate the practice to see if it’s in the citizen’s best interest? I would appreciate a little feedback. Thank you. Jim Tibbs…Hi if you read this!

Marilyn Carter
2600 El Rancho Drive
Boise, ID 83704
Boise River: I feel that people who are being so foolish ignoring the warning signs on the river and who caused unnecessary rescue should be charged a fee for a rescue. They should be charged during this high water period. Then that money can go to the rescue efforts to those who are risking their lives.
Action Taken: Postcard mailed

Loretta Madison
1245 E. Regatta
Boise, ID 83706
Community Calendar: I would like to be added to the distribution list to get a calendar that has city activities on it with coupons. Thank you.

Dick Mallea
608 N. Stanley
Boise, ID 83706
Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti above a store on a business by the name of Wes’ Appliance on the southeast corner of Orchard and Denton. I called the police dispatch on that a couple weeks ago and was asked if I had talked to the owner and I said no. The graffiti is still there and wanted to see if you could do anything about it. I would appreciate it. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Graffiti: There is some graffiti on the Sunset Sports Center store on Fairview and Curtis on the front white brick. If you could take care of it I would appreciate it. Also the back side of Albertsons on Five Mile and Ustick has graffiti. They took care of the inside of the cement wall but the back side has all sorts of taggings. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Lisa McMillan
Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti on the corner of the Second Chance Building Materials Center on 15th and Grove St. in Boise. I just called them and spoke with their office. They said they were not responsible for their building and it is managed by the Furnesse Company, which I cannot find in the phone book. I would appreciate it if your people could get them to remove the graffiti. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Peter Thimm
Graffiti: I wanted to report some graffiti in the downtown area on a silver utility box on the NW corner of 10th and main. It’s a blue tagging.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Lesley Turner
Graffiti: I wanted to report some graffiti at 11th and Myrtle on the white electrical box and also at 2nd and Front under a board on the building. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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  1. Well, there you have it, Guardian.

    Terry Dougal, living on Ustick Road, calls Mayor Dave to complain that not enough is being done to protect the integrity of resident-friendly narrow Ustick. (Golly! That seems pretty reasonable, coming from a guy who LIVES on Ustick.)

    But how selfish can you get?

    Wayne Crawford, who lives on West Alfred Street (?) calls Mayor Dave because by damn, he’s a TAXPAYER and he doesn’t approve of stupid old NARROW Ustick! To quote Crawford, “It’s not right that a smaller group of people affects the greater good.”

    Right on! Spock said it even better, in his Vulcan style: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

    Terry and his neighbors oughtta be willing to fall on the sword. After all, Wayne and his neighbors need to get into town every morning! (While we’re at it, shouldn’t Harrison Boulevard and Warm Springs Avenue be bumped out to 7 lanes or so? For the good of the many?) (Yeah, right!)

    It’s apparently irrelevant to Wayne that Terry may have lived on Ustick 50 years longer than Alfred Street has even existed.

    I’m curious as to why Wayne doesn’t take Chinden. It appears that Chinden is substantially closer to Alfred… and it’s already an “arterial” road. (But Wayne’s lucky. It’s unlikely that somebody further out in the boonies will EVER be demanding that his front yard be taken out “for the greater good.”)

  2. confidential
    Apr 25, 2006, 6:23 pm

    Dave, I think you ought to edit out the callers’ names. Yes, it’s public record, but hey…

    I like the feature. How about a police blotter?

    EDITOR NOTE–We do edit phone numbers out, but addresses are often important to the call. Also anyone appearing at any public hearing has to give their address and that is on TVTV. If it gets to be a problem we can revisit.

  3. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… the Boise guardian is doing another great job by publishing citizens actual ” mayoral Hot Line” problems so it’s easier for all of us in Boise to see the actual problems called in and what the mayor and city council actually do about them.

  4. And when Chinden and Fairview reaches capacity, then what?

  5. NR says, “And when Chinden and Fairview reaches capacity, then what?”

    Now, THAT is a good question. And when your city council and/or municipal planning department has their big “approved” rubber-stamp out, stampin’ the development applications as quick as they come across the desk, people should definitely be asking that question.

    Regarding the current Ustick conflict, I’ve got a certain degree of pity for ACHD. You’ll recall the debate about the Curtis extension. According to the comprehensive plans, Curtis was never intended to be a major arterial, so ACHD built it as a collector, which was quickly outgrown. Long story short – after ceaseless caterwauling, ACHD rebuilt the road with an additional lane in each direction, and has been the wuppin’ boy ever since, for not gettin’ it right the first time.

    If they build Ustick wide, they’ll be the pariah for people in the Ustick neighborhood. But if they cave to the local politicians and scale back the plan, they’ll guarantee themselves a repeat of Curtis Road… Wayne and all those other Ustick users will blame them for not getting it right the first time.

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