Screw The Statesman, But Nicely

Andy Hedden-Nicely is living up to his name as he has urged supporters of his third party congressional campaign to do their best to inflict pain and suffering on the Idaho Statesman, but in a civilized manner.

Last week Hedden-Nicely and Statesman publisher Mike Petrak exchanged e-mails in which Petrak threatened Nicely with legal action, commenting that Heddon-Nicely’s resources could be drained if stickers were not removed from Statesman newspaper boxes.

Here is the text of Heddon-Nicely’s letter to his supporters:


Dear Supports of the United Party and the Boycott of the Idaho Statesman.

At the request of the “new” Statesman publisher, Mike Petrock I am sending yet another email asking each and everyone of you to remove any stickers you have put on any Idaho Statesman property including their newspaper boxes. Also please do not put any United Party Boycott material on the Idaho Statesman newspaper boxes in the future.

To participate in our boycott in a legal way please ask businesses you patronize to call the Idaho Statesman (377-6370) and ask to have the newspaper and/or the Statesman boxes removed. This will accomplish our boycott goals and remove the temptation of the boxes.

Thank you.

Heddon-Nicely, not the GUARDIAN, offers the misspelling of “PETRAK” as “PETROCK.”

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  1. Nothing in that letter says WHY we should boycott the Statesman. What is his reasoning?

    EDITOR NOTE–Scroll down to previous story STATESMAN THREATENS…

  2. I don’t know why he wants to, but I say boycott it because it falsely claims to be a newspaper.

  3. I don’t see how the statesman gets to beef, considering that they (the statesman) place their property (the newspaper boxes) on our (public) property without asking (anyone) or paying (anything).

  4. I rarely agree with the Statesman, but the primary elections are for the parties to decide their candidates for the general elections in November. Andy has already been chosen by his party, United/Natural Law Party, to run in the General Election. He has no business chastising the Statesman on this point. Maybe many other issues but not this one.

  5. In my 6 years in Boise I have to hand it to the Clownsman and Ch. 12- I have never before witnessed so many self-important talking( publishing) Heads feeding the People exactly what their state govt. and local politicos want them to believe.America is all about FREEDOM OF THE PRESS AND TRUTH IN JOURNALISM ,MR.PETRAK.

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