Hedden-Nicely Claims Victory

Andy-Hidden Nicely has claimed the first victory in his third party congressional race.

He issued the following statement regarding a clash he had with the Idaho Statesman:
“It is with great pleasure that we announce the cessation of all boycott activities against the Idaho Statesman.  

“As of this week they have started listing all the candidates for the congressional race within the coverage of the primary elections. This change in attitude and policy should be acknowledged as a first step to fairness for readers and voters.”

He had asked for coverage of his United Party candidacy and the Statesman refused because he was running unopposed–which means an AUTOMATIC VICTORY in the primary election.

Hedden-Nicely supporters put stickers on Statesman news vending boxes prompting publisher Mike Petrak to send a threatening letter to the congressional candidate.

The GUARDIAN can only presume that Hedden-Nicely would like people to read the Statesman now–especially if they say something nicely about him!

The new local news coverage policy at the Statesman did not include coverage of the flap.

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  1. Sorry, I already won this victory in 2002 when I got assurances from the Statesman that they would include mentions of the Libertarian Candidates in their election coverage.

    They obviously forgot.

    We all know that the Statesman sucks, and battles like this will have to be fought every two years or so.


  2. I hope Andy realizes that a third party candidate can really help the voters understand the issues,especially in this Congressional race which Sorenson( the status quo pick of big money) will win.unless….
    Andy needs to show exactly what Sorenson and other candidates have not done for the people of Idaho… It shouldn’t be too hard being she’s a ” favorite” of the Simpson clique( the rape of the boulder-white clouds?)
    Go get’um Andy- you’ll do your state and citizens a lot of good- We need to crack the rep. economic elites grip on our state govt.

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