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Scooter Parking Update

Reader Hillary Haymond’s GAS SAVING IDEA has been met with a polite “thanks for the letter” reply at city hall and she is lookiong for more support from her two wheeler colleagues. She sent a letter to the mayor and Boise City Council two weeks ago.

Haymond proposes to allow free parking for scooters and motorcycles in designated spaces on downtown streets–and even in the parking structures. Current laws allow only a single cycle to be parked in a metered space with no sharing. She thinks the idea has merit and wants to contact others through the guardian.

You can leave her an e-mail address in the comments section below, but include the address in the comment itself.

Haymond informed the GUARDIAN she got a message from the City on Mother’s day–talk about dedication! Here is the message which sounds very promising:

“…I want you to know that our staff immediately took your requrest under study, and issued a two-page report to the Mayor’s Office on Friday. We had to check City Code, survey the spaces, and then we asked our counterparts in “peer cities” across the West to see what their policy is on motorcycle parking in metered spaces. This was all accomplished in only eight business days since the date of your request.

I have spoken with the Mayor’s staff and one Council member, and they are interested in discussing the proposal. I want to assure you that you are not being ignored. Thank you for your suggestion and for your patience.”

John Eichmann
Central Services Division Manager
Parking Services Division Manager
City of Boise

Good work on the part of the scooter folks AND the city. We eagerly await the results.

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  1. DAVE, it’s not that I want to have two wheelers to get FREE parking, it’s that it would be nice to give more space to the huge gas sucking cars by allowing scooters and motorcycles to park more than one to a parking space.
    Let’s face it, why should one little scooter have the same parking space alloted to one humvee? Yet, that is the parking law in Boise at this time.
    So when you are driving around looking for a parking place and you see one scooter taking up one space and another one not too far away taking up another space….it’s not that they are being stupid for taking up one whole space instead of sharing….they just do not want a parking ticket.

  2. I suggest you get in contact with the DBA and CCDC. Your idea is great! I can help you with contact info.

    Dave Krick
    Bittercreek/Red Feather

  3. So are you planning on a scooter and motor cycle “show of force” by having a park in?
    What a gas to see how many two wheelers are around the area and just how much parking they do take away from cars, etc.

    Dave are you a scooter or cycle rider?

    EDITOR NOTE– GUARDIAN peddles like the “Team Dave” leader.

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