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Mayor’s Hotline May 8 to 12

Mrs. Christensen
2019 N. 10th
Boise, ID 83702
Lottery: I’ve been around here for 70 years and I was upset about the lottery when we voted it in last year. In yesterdays paper it is talking about someone from Greece going to buy it out for 30 million. That isn’t kosher. I was really upset and something needs to be done. I hope someone with authority will get it back to the people. Thank you.
M/CC Lottery Commission

Patricia Lachiondo
168 S. Valera Place
Boise, ID 83712
Greenbelt concern: My question is who is responsible for the greenbelt section from Municipal Park and the golf course and then does it change at the golf course on down to Lucky Peak? We have a lovely greenbelt that we often times list one of the top ten things in Boise we like but it’s gotten so bad and it’s definitely difficult to ride on it. I would like to know what we could do to get it either replaced or fixed so we can use it. Thank you very much.
Action Taken: BPR contacted her and explained this is Ada County’s section

Steve Friton
2708 S. Hilton
Boise, ID 83705
Speeders: This is in regards to a complaint I had about Dennis Dillon’s employees speeding up and down the street. As a result, the police department put a counter and a speed box so they could judge the speed at what the vehicles were going and Officer Warren returned a call to me and I am disgusted with his answer to the problem. He told me this residential street was 20 mph and there were cars doing 30 mph and that it was totally acceptable. It is not acceptable! They are paid to do their job. If they won’t do their job then bring out someone that will. That is telling me that you can do 30 mph in a school zone because you don’t want to do the 20 mph. How many kids have to die before someone will get off their ass to do something about it?

John Neveiser
Air Quality: Thursday, May 4th, I went to the DMV office to re-register my automobile. I didn’t have my paper that showed my car had passed the emissions inspection so the clerk had to call the air quality board. She spoke with someone named Tim and there was a long pause with her talking and when she was through with the call, she hung up and informed me that Tim had told her that since my emissions inspection was due again next month, that I would have to go now and have it done a month early before they will allow me to register my automobile. Last year in 2005, my emissions inspection for my car was due in June. I wasn’t driving the car so I didn’t do the emissions inspection until October. I did the emissions test and my car passed but they evoked my registration because I was so late in getting it done. Well this past Thursday when I went in to renew it, they didn’t allow me to register my vehicle because in a month I would be doing the inspection again. He wouldn’t let me pay the penalty and re-registration fee to get his car re-registered which has to be done by law. For no reason other than this person in air quality not o.king my car to be registered. This doesn’t sound right to me. It sounds like he’s making an arbitrary call which puts me in a position of being able to be fined for driving with no valid automobile registration. I would like someone to let me know if this policy is ok. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted him

Shirley Lopez
Neighbor complaint: I’m calling to file a complaint. Initially my neighbor and I don’t really have problems but sometimes he is rude. Today we were outside and he saw me when I was going out to pick up my other daughter because she was playing with my friend’s kids too. He saw me when I came out and he came and talked to my daughter and was very rude. He does this every time my kids are outside. My daughter is 11 years old and he has no right to be rude to her. My kids got scared and I feel uncomfortable having him in my neighborhood. I don’t want anything to happen to my daughters or us either.

LeAne Chaffee
3 Mesa Vista Drive
Boise, ID
Traffic Signs and graffiti: I have two items this morning. I have been thinking, and as you come towards the Capital Building on Capital Blvd, at Front St., the highway district has put up some small signs on the side of the road that say a Teams Traffic Pattern. It would be nice if the Highway department could put in visible signs that show us where we should be turning. Some drivers do not understand that some lanes have two lanes to turn in and the second lane should turn only. The second issue is graffiti. There is graffiti on the back of Goldys downtown. Thank you.

Parking complaint: I am calling about the Buddhist Temple that is in the 2300 block of Overland. I understand that they have a request to make their temple into a home and yesterday they had services that covered both the home and the garage and there were at least 150 people there. They are parking in the middle of the road and I’m wondering about fire code. I appreciate the appropriate personnel looking at their behavior. Thank you.

Dale Windham
Bus Bench in Park: He complained that there is currently a bus bench in the N.E. corner of Fairview Park on 23rd St. The advertisement is for a heating & cooling company. It is ugly and he would like to know why it is in the park.

16th St.: Called was very upset that ACHD STILL has 16th St. closed after 5 months. She is aware that we have no jurisdiction over them but wants the Mayor to do something to get this main arterial completed.

Michael Case
9259 W.. Preece
Boise ID 83704
BFI: He contacted BFI last Friday inquiring if they take hot water heaters. They said yes put it at the curb for pick up. He did and it wasn’t picked up today. When he called BFI to see what happened, they said their haulers couldn’t pick up over a certain weight and only picked up on Tues. and Fridays. He asked if they could make arrangements to have it picked up today because he didn’t want to haul it back up to the house and back out on Friday. They said he would have to wait until Friday. His concern is why didn’t he get the proper info to begin with?
Action Taken: PW contacted BFI

Karen Stapleton
First American Title
Copy of Ordinance #5865: I am seeing about getting a copy of an ordinance that was recently voted on and passed for the City of Boise. Please give me a call back. I’m looking for a hard copy, email, or fax of ordinance #5865. Thank you.
M/CC Clerk
Action Taken: clerk will contact

Valerie Aiken
181 N. Liberty Street #48
Boise, ID 83704
Meeting with the Mayor: I have several questions. One is how does one get a meeting face to face with the Mayor about an issue? I have an issue which I do not want to state on this recording. I have talked to the Police Ombudsman and I am not getting any resolution to my issue. Thank you.
Action Taken: contacted her

Mr. Brown
Misspelling on Fax: This is to Councilman Vern Bisterfeldt and Jim Tibbs. I had a misspelling in my fax yesterday. It is Pepper Hills, not Mills. If you would make that change I would appreciate that. Sorry about that. Thank you.
Chris Blanchard

Bryant Townsand
Christian Worship Center
1001 S. Orchard St.
PDS: He called to say that he had met with Bob Archibald, Bruce and a couple other women. He was given a packet of information, with a check-off sheet, which he completed. Today he met w/ Bob Archibald and was given add’l information that needs filled out for the occupancy permit. He stated this was not in the original packet, nor was it online. Bob said he was aware of this. He has also experienced trouble with the fire department knowing and talking to PDS about what has been done and what needs to be done. He said there appears to be no talking between the two. The last thing is the paperwork was given to Ron Hill who originally quoted him $46 and they called today to check on the progress and the fee had increased to over $100. He can’t continue to go back to his members requesting money for different things!

Howard Jones
8481 Rifleman Street
Boise, ID 83704
Cableone: This is a follow up on a question I had about three weeks ago regarding the business practices at Cableone. I went down and was told that my credit card number was required to be provided so they could store it even though it was a credit card transaction. I called the Mayor’s Hotline and had a gentleman call who was the Chief Financial Officer. He agreed their practice was not good and he was going to call Cableone. He called Cableone and they had a discussion and we had a discussion. He told me he would call them back with some new information I gave him. I don’t know if he ever did or anything was resolved but if I could speak to him to see if there will be any changes made at all, I would really appreciate knowing that. Thank you.

Parking on Fort Street Concern: I have a concern regarding Fort Street. We live down in the North End and it has become a problem where there are signs saying that people are not to park on the street between the hours of 8-5pm. All along Fort Street if you come along the side streets to pull on to Fort Street, there is nothing but cars parked along there. You are not able to see any oncoming traffic. In the last week and a half I have seen almost four accidents including this morning. A bicyclist was almost hit and was riding so close to the cars that the vehicles parked along the street were blocking sight of any oncoming traffic. They are parked there before 8 in the morning and do not leave around noon when most of us go to lunch. They are still there at 5pm at night sometimes when we come home from work. It is a huge problem. Some of those cars may belong to the High School Students. Neighbors have talked about how they have already complained to BPD and they told them it was not their problem. It’s something as simple as giving out a few tickets by word of mouth and people would stop parking there. Something needs to change before someone gets hurt.

Greg Merrick
558 Inverness Dr. SE
Salem, OR 97306
Downtown:Mr. Merrick and his wife were visiting downtown Boise on a recent Friday and Saturday evening. He called the Mayor’s office to express his concern about the rowdy behavior he encountered on both evenings. Of particular concern was the “war zone” appearance outside of the bars at 6th and Main as well as outside of Old Chicago. There were so many people crowded on the sidewalk, he and many others found it necessary to walk in the street. Many comments were also made about his wife by intoxicated individuals. He felt like the atmosphere was out of control and the police had a presence, but did not actively alleviate the situation. He and his wife were happy to see people downtown, but felt like this situation is quickly getting out of hand.

Glenn Miles
1306 N. 26th St.
Boise, ID 83702
Noise Levels:Mr. Miles called regarding an excessively high decibel level on some commercial lawn mowers in his neighborhood. He is concerned that the vehicles were not properly marked with contact information for the company. He would also like to know if there is a city ordinance regarding decibel levels within city limits. He is requesting a letter be sent to him with this information.
M/CC Clerk

Carl Link
Planning and Zoning complaint: I own property on Longmont Avenue. I have a lot and a half with a little 800 square foot house I am trying to sell. I’m an out of state resident. The house is substandard and needs to be bulldozed. The planning and zoning commission refused to let them divide the lot because it is 100 sq feet short of what they consider large enough. I believe they are being bureaucratic and stubborn over 100sq ft over a lot and a half is absolutely nothing. The house on it is unsightly and the people that want to buy the property want to bulldoze it and put in two nice duplexes that would help the neighborhood. I need some help and no one answers or returns my calls. I pay property taxes on this property every year and get no benefit from it being an out of state resident. When it comes time to develop the land, I get a bureaucrat telling me that they are sorry and there’s nothing they can do for me. I believe there is something they can do for me if they chose to do it. If you could get back with me I would appreciate it. Time is of the essence for this but I would like to sell this property.

Fern Anderson
2026 S. Eagleson Road
Boise, ID 83705

White Top bloom complaint: Just down the street from us on the corner of Spalding and South Eagleson road, there is a good 2 acres of white top in full bloom. It’s going to spread all over our area and we feel like the homeowner should take care of exterminating it. Thank you to anything you can do to help us out.

Graffiti: There is a stop sign on the corner of Washington and 14th St. that has been tagged with graffiti.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Jan Peterson
Thank you: This message is for the Mayor and City Council. I wanted to thank you for all your effort in having the retaining wall in between N. 28th and N. 36th Street on Hill Road taken out of graffiti. We sure appreciate it. It has taken since 1989 and you can bet I’m grateful. Our neighborhood looks great. Thank you very much.
M/CC PDS BPD Graffiti Team

Graffiti: I’m calling to report graffiti on the corner of 30th and Main on the northeast corner on the top of the building. It’s a white building with black painted graffiti. Clean it up please.

Graffiti: There is still graffiti at the corner of Phillipi and Overland right underneath the chiropractor’s office on the west side of the street. There is more on the irrigation block on the corner of Randolph and Overland.

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  1. Methinks Shirley Lopez seriously needs a life.

  2. If Lopez needs a life, then Christensen needs a calendar. Did we vote the lottery in “last year”? Forget the reference to Kosher and Lottery in the same complaint. Things that make ya go hmmm?

  3. Has anyone else had a similar experience to Merrick while downtown on a Friday and Saturday night. We were down there Saturday at 10, and the streets were packed, the motorcycle noise was deafening, and while there was that police presence, it’s felt on the edge of chaos.

  4. Rude comments, cableone, creepy neighbors and the lotto. I feel sorry for the poor employee who has to listen to the city whine line. For a state that prides itself on less gov. and self reliance we have a bunch of citizens who want the gov to hold their hand. I guess it’s all about “what’s in it for me”. PS 100sq ft does make a difference, out of stater

  5. I’m with you Boisean. If they aren’t whiners by nature, they surely are misinformed about where their tax dollars go, what statutory authority rests with the City, County, ACHD, Police, Sheriff, Judicial, Quasi-Judicial, etc. I have been fairly appalled at people who just call about “whatever”. You are correct that some who bellar about too many taxes, too much govt. and too much red tape are the very ones who want the govt to revolve around their own personal needs. I think the employee charged with listening to this needs a treat…or a drink….or therapy. You can use my portion of taxes to cover the cost.

  6. I hope that the person whose job it is to listen to the Mayor’s voice mail has a great sence of humor….or the job itself could cause one to go quite mad or at least drive one to drink.
    Collect the most interesting messages put them in book form, get it published, get on Letterman and have your 15 minutes of fame.

    Hey, I’ve just given someone a great idea. Go for it Mayor’s Listener…change the names to protect your sweet self and have fun.

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