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Award Winning TV Flood Coverage

Mike Vogel at KTVB Channel 7 has joined the ranks of “award winning” TV reporters caught wading in flood waters.

A DOPE REPORTER award is automatically bestowed on any TV reporter caught on camera wading in flood waters…the GUARDIAN source said Vogel was wearing boots and reporting at noon Friday from the Hailey area where the Wood River has overflowed its banks.

Only the actor-reporters on TV seem to qualify for the Dope Awards. It has little drama for a radio reporter to say, “I am standing in water up to my knees as I speak.”

Same is true for print media reporters who would be laughed out of the newsroom if they wrote, “This reporter waded in the water to get the story and photos.”

We love the video flood followers because their actions elicit so many comments on the GUARDIAN.

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  1. I don’t know what we’d do ’round here for entertainment if it wasn’t for these multimillion dollar homes with flooded lawns. Mike Vogel and Ysabel Bilbao both managed to pull Sun Valley duty…I’m not sure how they select who gets to go where. I do know that they managed to find the guy who interviewed Hoffa’s alleged murderer and Paul Newman’s stunt double, BOTH, while they were down there. I always thought myself lucky to catch a glimpse of “Ahnuld”, Clint Eastwood, or Robin Williams in a restaurant or on the street. Here these two go down there in muckin’ boots and get to rub elbows with all the cool people. I think that should be reward enough. BTW, if Vogel actually sees this, or if you consider yourself his friend….”Seven point one inch” is NOT Seven foot one inch. Its a fraction thing, and I know its hard to think when you’re ankle deep in cold water…but just stick with feet and inches.

  2. Mike Vogel is also the name of the young actor in “Poseidon” playing now at The Egyptian.” Different guy.

    EDITOR NOTE–The movie actor was in much deeper water than the TV news actor.

  3. I would like to see you add a category for, “Craziest look in the eye while talking about a local tragedy” competition.

    Our local anchors seem barely able to control themselves whenever death, destruction, war or hatred are making good video.

  4. Forget Anchors. I thought Rick Lantz was gonna pop vessel last night during the thunder storm. You have thought aliens had just invaded the newsroom and taken the producer hostage. His face was red and he was sweating and when he finished his update he literally jerked his collar mike off and ran for his doplar radar. Between Carolyn Holly and him histrionics knows no bounds.

  5. Guardian
    I was very disappointed not to see one of our “news reporters” wading out into the Boise River when they were running the rooster tail yesterday.

    Heck I was even looking for a picture this morning our our local Statesman paper… but alas nothing. I guess all of our news reporters and reporterettes have found Sun Valley news to be much more interesting.

    PS Along with the rooster tail yesterday at Lucky Peak, I had a Brent Coles sighting…

  6. It is interesting that we all hear volumes about the folks in the high rent district of Eagle when they are threatened with flooding but the folks in mobile homes to the west are left on their own by the public servants at the Ada County Commish office. I was favorably impressed with now-guv Risch – a man I have previously not liked very much – when he responded to the not-so-well-off homeowners. And I have much less respect (if that’s possible) for the Commissioners who apparently don’t think poor folk are entitled to any assistance.

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