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Bulls Have Just One Teet


KBCI-TV anchor Steve Liebenthal is the latest winner of a GUARDIAN Dope Reporter Award. (At first we had identfied the winner as reporter Art Swift) Congratulations to the Idaho Native who will no doubt always remember the following lesson from reader Razzbar on the subject of “Bovine Anatomy 101:”

“Tonight on channel 2, a reporter (Liebenthal claims the title) was telling us that Rocky
Mountain oysters are actually “cow testicles”. ..COW. Testicles?

I wasn’t raised on a farm, but now that I know cows have testicles, I’m wondering if bulls have udders.”

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  1. Since they’ve been detached, wouldn’t that make Rocky Mountain Oysters “steer testicles”?

    EDITOR NOTE–Steers don’t have testicles. Bulls become steers after the testicles become profit centers for Eagle Firefighters.

  2. Heck, I always thought bulls were just boy cows…where did I go wrong? And I always thought this festival was about sheep. That’s what my daddy told me many years ago and very loudly at Smith’s Food King which used to sell Rocky Mountain Oysters. When I asked what the heck they were he bellowed “sheep testicles” at the top of his lungs. He was an old farmer so I figured he knew. Perhaps the Eagle Fire Department has graduated to a larger size product. Anyone is free to jump in and correct me (like you need an invitation.)

  3. The dope award should also go to Dave Frazier for taking heresay, calling the television station asking “who did the rocky mountain oyster story” and assuming the reporter to whom the story was assigned was the one who made the mistake.

    The fact that he had to call the station and ask who did the story is evidence that “Razzbar” didn’t actually say what Dave attributes to him (in quotes, no less.)

    The bonehead who made the mistake was the anchor who read a tease of the story during “Inside Edition.” That anchor was me.

    And in an admittedly lame defense of myself, the third definition of “cow” in Webster’s College Dictionary (Fourth Edition) reads as follows:
    3. [West] a domestic bovine animal, whether a steer, bull, cow, or calf

    As the native granson of an Idaho farmer I KNOW that technically the “nuts” probably came from calves (obviously male.) But then, we all make occasional mistakes… even the Dave Fraziers among us.

    EDITOR NOTE–The call was to CONFIRM the identity of the reporter. If you are trying to steal the glory from Art Smith it is yours to keep.

  4. Steve made the mistake, not Art.

    However, Art ate one of the Oysters on the air – and (with his mouth full of bull balls) said “tastes like chicken cutlet” (much worse than a reporter standing in water, if you ask me).

    Of course, this really had NOTHING to do with the story (who cares what it tastes like – the only TASTE people are worried about here is if the ads are tasteless or not).

    And can we acknowledge that it wasn’t KBCI that broke the story? In fact, KBCI & the Statesman had to play catch up from what I can tell. I know Dave only lauds channel 2 when they bring something to light…

    EDITOR NOTE–GUARDIAN was out of town for a week. Whoever “broke the story” can be lauded.

  5. Not trying to steal anything, just pointing out that YOUR report is inaccurate. Art got it right in his report, identifiying the emasculated animals as bulls. Let he who is without sin throw the first “stone” (no pun intended.)

  6. rapidrunner
    Jun 9, 2006, 10:35 pm

    Sherry…Have a great time at the ‘Rocky Mountain Oyster Feed’…I hope you have a BALL!

  7. Actually, every one is correct as to the source of the nuts for the meal. The firemen use both bull and sheep testicles — whichever the suppliers can provide (a product I hear is becoming more and more difficult to obtain). So … if anyone want to donate to the cause, let the firemen know! Ha!

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