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Idaho Parks is looking for opinions from GUARDIAN readers about a new park in Eastern Idaho. You can offer your opinions here and they will read them. Feel free to be pithy, but don’t waste our space or their time with outlandish suggestions.

GUARDIAN likes the living history idea. We offered it to Ada County for the Fair Grounds, but they decided a rename and more gambling would be easier than history and education.

Some of the ideas so far include:

–A greenbelt bikepath connecting major cities in the area, perhaps from Island Park to American Falls. (Or other metro areas like Ririe, Rigby and Iona)
–A history park in the Blackfoot area interpreting important local events. (Like Spud Harvest.)
–A park in the Teton Basin showcasing the many natural features and abundant wildlife of the area.
–A water-based park incorporating the existing Sportsman’s Park on American Falls Reservoir.
–A recreation and historic park interpreting the Chesterfield town site and featuring camping and boating opportunities along nearby Chesterfield Reservoir.
–A living history park where agricultural and pioneer skills from an earlier time could be demonstrated.

–upland forest system in the Taylor Mountain area.
–The Kelly Canyon area.
–An RV park as a base camp for access to trail systems and fishing in the Pack Saddle on the eastern side of the mountains west of Teton Basin, with snowmobiling in the winter.
–The Little Big Holes, from Warm Creek back to Argument Ridge, and from Graham’s Hollow over Relay Ridge.
–The desert north of St. Anthony and east of the sand-hills, going north to Crystal and Fog Buttes.
–The Heise Hot Springs area. (Perhaps with skinny dipper area?)
–A site southeast of Firth along the Snake River. Black cottonwoods, river access.

The East Idaho State Park Site Selection Committee will meet July 18 in Rexburg to discuss nominations. Though they may take a few additional nominations after that date, you should get your ideas in as soon as possible. To nominate a site click on “comments” below and post your idea. Parks staffers read the GUARDIAN.

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  1. Improve what is already there that people already go to and connect what is already there that people already go to. A little history at each place and along the way would be nice. Thank you.

  2. My old stomping grounds the South Fork of the Snake River in Swan Valley. Its rapidly becoming a playground for the rich and there is too much private land and very limited public access. Making a public park would enable more egalitarian access to this Idaho treasure.

    Second choice would be around Darby Canyon near Driggs. There is no reson Idaho should not showcase the Idaho side of the majestic Tetons.

    The area around Grays Lake behind Taylor Mt. has beautiful countryside and is largely undiscovered. So I hate to mention it. But it could be a great tourist attraction which would bring visitors and tourist dollars to each major metropolitan area in SE Idaho because of its location.

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