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MAYOR HOTLINE June 19- June 23

Lots of good stuff. Is “Lori” looking for a man or just a cheap wedding? Will the Califoria developer succeed with cold calls? Has the city done anything to sell excess property they unwisely purchased? Why the ugly billboard on the connector? Who monitors United Water testing? A Ferris Wheel in JD Park? Jump in with your take on one of the best Hotline summaries ever!!

Calvin Osborn
301 Hillway Dr.
Boise, ID 83702
ACHD/ Cross Walk Issue: I want to thank you to responding to my previous call. From your communication there may be a mistake as it relates to contacting ACHD as it relates to a need for a pedestrian cross walk or a pedestrian activated traffic light. Not on Front Street but on Myrtle and 3rd street. Another thing I failed to mention in my previous communication was the concern that we have in this city about jay-walking. Well heavens, if you want to cross Myrtle Street and not jay-walk you have to go either to 6th street or clear down to Broadway. It’s not right and something should be done. Please change that communication as it relates to the need not on Front St. but on Myrtle and 3rd St… Again, thank you for responding so quickly to my previous communication. I hope you are having a great weekend. Thank you.
Action Taken: M.O.

Patricia Burley
Cemetery: I am calling regarding Morris Hill Cemetery. My parents James J. Reid and Ruby Ardle-Reid are buried out at Morris Hill. I have had trouble in the past with putting flowers on their graves for different occasions and to go back and find that they have been stolen. Indeed, they have not been picked up by the cemetery personnel. I have planted them some flowers this year and in this particular area the cemetery staff does not want flowers in this area. But there are some people that are allowed to plant the flowers. I would like someone to call me regarding this. I am not pleased and again, I think we can work this out. This is something I think that should be discussed, not especially over the phone but person to person, in a meeting. I am extremely frustrated as maybe you will, also, someday be if you put flowers on your parent’s grave and then you go back out there and they are missing. It’s frustrating, and it’s sad that we have people like this in our community. I would really like to hear back from you, I really hope that you will call me back. I look forward to hearing from you.
Action Taken: BPR

Bryon Barfus
BPR: He would like to discuss putting a Ferris Wheel in JD Park where Fun Spot used to be.
Action Taken: BPR

Dave Wood
2644 Dennis Pl
City Vehicle Complaint: I have a comment for whoever is driving city vehicle license plate C12191, at about 12:10 pm today. They need to go back to driving school. They cut off me and one other vehicle. They just need to watch what they are doing. They just need to learn how to drive. Thanks and goodbye.

EDITOR NOTE–The problem may be one of those dash mounted computer screens. GUARDIAN has had similar problem with building inspectors and cops.

Sharon Jenkins
Land Development: I am an agent with Prudential California Real-estate. I represent a corporation called TWA communities, LLC, which is a limited community partnership corporation, who is interested in developing in the City of Boise. I would like to know if there is spatial interest as far as development is concerned that you could direct us to that the spatial type of interest that you need or would like to have developed in your city. We would also like to know if you could direct to vacant land and as much I am not familiar with that area. Obviously, I do not request that you find available land for me, I will do my work. I would just like to know what land, what areas to look for, and the specific type of interest that you are interested in. Thank you very much. Good day.
Action Taken: PDS

Monty Win
5148 W Plenton
Boise, ID 83706
BFI: Hello Mayor and City Council. I have gripe about BFI, who you the city have contracted for disposal. What I asked for was two green barrels for grass clippings. They say they only do that twice a year with Albertson’s bags. That means I have to purchase an Albertson’s bag every week and keep it. What I would request is that every citizen in Boise has a green barrel that we can put our grass clippings in. They said they don’t recycle them, but I think not. That would be great for the land fill and wherever else they need to plug a hole organically. This is not right. I spend at least $100 worth of bags for my grass clippings, I don’t mulch. If we can change that and if it costs me $7 or whatever for a container let’s recycle our grass clippings. Thank you for addressing this. Have a great day.

Gary Gilbert
J.P. King Auction Company
Land Development: Yes, Mayor Bieter and City Councilmen. I actually chatted with Bill Albert before regarding your city trying to sell some excess land, so that you guys could build some libraries. I have had some contact with Bill Albert, sent him some information but I have heard nothing back. I just wondered if you guys were still moving forward in attempting to sell some excess land. If you still are, I think we would be a prime excellent choice for selling that for top dollar in a concentrated time frame. My company is J.P. King Auction Company; we are a fourth generation family owned firm. We are the oldest, largest, most accessible real-estate auction firm in the nation. I would love to come up to Boise and give you guys a proposal sometime. Let me know if that is of interest to you.
Action Taken: F&A

Diane Eastham
2904 N. Cole
Apt. #101
Boise, ID 83704
Air Quality: I don’t know if I have the right line or not. I keep getting something underneath the floor, it almost feels like air or gas or something that keeps coming up periodically. I have gotten so taso-cardiac off and on lately that I can’t even stand it. There is not a particular smell to it, but I don’t know what to do about it. If you could give me a call back and let me know who to contact I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Action Taken: M/O spoke to her

Roger Hancock
2812 N 28th St
Boise, Id 83703
Water Quality: I wanted to alert the Mayor that in today’s news, two top mangers at United Water a subsidiary in Tom’s River, New Jersey were indicted by the state grand jury on charges that they manipulated tests to hide high levels of radium in the drinking water of the community served. I don’t’ think that United Water has the perfect track record. I think it is something the Mayor and the City Council ought to be aware of, as United Water also manages the water supply for the City of Boise. I believe that there ought to be a thorough review of testing protocol and how the results are managed and communicate to make sure that our drinking water remains safe. Thank you.
Action Taken: postcard

Wayne Thowless
4914 Bond St
Boise, ID 83706
Code Enforcement: It appears as though as a new very large billboard is being erected along the inbound Connecter, just before the connector turns into Myrtle Street. My wife and I find this most troubling. Boise goes to great lengths to improve its appearance and is concerned with the streetscapes and has very strict sign ordinances and design ordinances. We have a lovely city because of it. It troubles me that the city would allow a permit for a new very large billboard, especially at such a prominent location, right at the very entrance way downtown. If you could provide me with information as to why this would be allowed and if in fact it is in accordance with city zoning ordinance and other policies, I would appreciate it. Thank you.
Action Taken: PDS

Jack Daniels
Weiser Area
National Recreation Area: He heard Maryanne Jordan on the radio this morning discussing the preservation of the Boise Front. He applauds the preservation work done so far. He is aware of several places that have worked in conjunction with their congressional delegations to get areas designated as National Scenic Recreation Areas and would like to propose this idea for the Boise River. Cassia County, City Of Rocks does this, Boulder Colorado does this, Hell Canyon does this (the OR. Side) and Pat Williams, Missoula MT successfully drafted legislation which designated Rattlesnake Creek a National Scenic Rec Area. He feels the political scene is ripe to make this move. Land and water conservation management can work together.
Action Taken: CC

Hyde Park Parking : I just drove through the Hyde Park area on 13th St. and counted 24 illegally parked vehicles. Some parked across the side walk, some parked in driveways blocking the sidewalk for handicapped people. When I talked to the police about it they never do anything. Talked to one officer once and he said, “I ain’t no f$!%ing meter maid.” This kind of shocked me. And another one said that “there are only two police officers in the City of Boise that do stop sign work and the rest of us don’t have to do that.” I wish we could get a police department that did policing like they used to in the olden days. My guess is that with union, (unintelligible), police chief that it’s not going to happen. Oh well, give them a little hell from me.

Air Quality: Yes, I’ve called before. I am calling to complain about the wood smoke. Here it is the 21st of June, and for the last several evenings, close to sundown, the air here has been filled with wood smoke or fire wood smoke. It fills my apartment. I don’t know how you’re going to crack down on these people. They are filling the whole neighborhood with this crap. They don’t just burn wood or whatever; they burn a lot of other things. Up here in the North End, there’s Jerry Market, 27th and Stewart is the area I live. If I could go out and hunt them down I would. I think you need to put out a reward, a $25 reward to report the people who are burning things. Crack down on these things. I was talking to an old lady when I first smelled it. She has a fire place and a wood stove. She said, “well if I had my stove working, I would be burning it, too.” They don’t seem to have any respect for other peoples’ air. I think you need to set a $25 bounty on them and let people turn them in. I don’t know who is doing this, but the last few nights they have filled the whole neighborhood with this burning smoke. Of course I won’t leave my name because there is no point in getting tied up with that
Action Taken: CE

Karen Reynolds
Signage: She is very concerned about the large billboard on the connector. It obstructs a beautiful view and looks ugly.

Steve Henderson
2468 Roanoke Dr
Boise, ID 83712
Comment: I saw on the news last night the issue about the potential of closing down sidewalk cafes and things like that after dark. Just wanted to put my two cents in, we really do enjoy these restaurants, meals and sitting outside after dark. That is one of things that makes Boise a nice friendly place to be in the evening. It makes a vibrant culture. It makes people want to be in downtown Boise. I feel strongly that if you remove this, that it will curtail Boise’s growth and prosperity. So, I just wanted to get my two cents in.

4402 N Toupee
Meridian, ID 83642
Marriage Request: I don’t know if this is the correct number. I want to get married. I just want to do a real quick city hall marriage. They told me I needed to call the mayor.
Action Taken: M.O.

Rick Munson
1037 Warm Springs Ave
Boise, ID 83712
Complement on BPD: Mayor Bieter I am so glad that we have invested in the motorcycle patrol. They are tearing it up out there and my friends and I love it. In fact one of my friends out there is getting a little paranoid he thinks every person on a motorcycle is a patrolmen. Anyway, it’s a great money investment. Probably one of the best investments you have made. The motorcycle patrolmen rock! Everyone knows it. We all call them helmet heads. Yep, good money invested. I’m really happy to see they’re out there tearing them up. Thank you.

Steve and Cynthia Friton
2708 Hilton St.
Boise 83705
Weight Limit Enforcement on Residential Streets: When Dennis Dillon was planning to build their car lots on Orchard St. they met with the neighbors and assured them they would not use Hilton St. as a pass through. They would use it only for emergencies. A contract was signed between the neighbors and them stating such. Now Dennis Dillon opens their gate on Hilton St. daily allowing new car transport trucks weighing in excess of 10,000 pounds to enter via Hilton with their deliveries. They could be using Dennis Dillon’s parking lot instead. Fritons have contacted BPD, Ada County Sheriffs, Planning and Zoning and ACHD. Boise Police have sent out their commercial enforcement division who have spoken to Dennis Dillion repeatedly, but to no avail. ACHD and the rest say it is within other jurisdictions for enforcement. They would like the weight limit enforced so their street isn’t torn up and the trees along the street won’t get broken off.

Sandy Rogers
Graffiti: You don’t need to call me back. I am calling about some graffiti on the Chevron gas station on Chinden by Garrett, where they are working on the new road going up by Maple Grove. There is a brick building just off of that little gas station and it’s just full of graffiti on the south side of that brick building right behind the Chevron. I appreciate everything you guys do because it’s important to get rid of it right away. I know I appreciate it and so do my friends. Thanks for being there.
M/CC Graffiti Team

Jon Holmquist
520 Logan St
Boise, ID 83712
Graffiti: I am calling to report a graffiti incident on my house which borders on Reserve St. I reported this incident to the police department and had a crime file number. I am calling your department, which says in the phone book graffiti hotline because I need some help in removing the graffiti. I was told by a friend that you have specialists there who could assist me. So, I would appreciate a call and as I said this has already been reported to the police department. What I would like to do is meet with the individual with the city who is the expert on graffiti removal. I look forward to his call. Thank you.
M/CC Graffiti Team

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  1. Ah, the ferris wheel at Fun Spot. So many happy memories! When I was a kid, I was scared to death of the roller coaster. (Anybody who remembers the roller coaster will recall that it only went maybe 10 feet off the ground at the highest point.) I wasn’t scared of the height or speed of the coaster… I was always afraid I’d get a tooth knocked out, it had such a bumpy, jolting, jarring ride.

    I’m very concerned about the message from Sharon Jenkins, the California real estate agent. She’s asking about “spatial interest.” What is THAT??? Isn’t it bad enough that all the Californians are coming here? What’s next… a spaceport so the Martians and Neptunoids can relocate to Boise? I hope Dave says NO! No spatial interest at this time. (Insert your own “Uranus” joke here…)

  2. Just commenting on the post over Hyde Park parking problems. First you should know I am assigned to the traffic unit and work parking and truck enforcement. I find it hard to believe that multiple officers made vulgar comments about the parking enforcement not being their job. Second, as far as parking enforcement outside the downtown core, that is done when complaints are called in. I happen to know Hyde Park has been hit hard lately with parking enforcement. And what has the police union and chief of police got to do with parking? I am the union president and fully support our officers writing parking tickets when appropriate.

  3. Jon Q Publique
    Jun 27, 2006, 11:22 pm

    Kudos to Mr. Wood for calling in inappropriate driving by, presumably, a Boise City employee using a City owned vehicle. The fact he was able to get the plate number gives creditability to the complaint.

    A “C” plate is used on vehicles owned by any City, County, transit authority, or school district in Idaho. Perhaps other local government agencies as well. Hopefully Mr. Woods saw a Boise City seal or some other Boise City markings on the vehicle.

    Like the Guardian, I too have noticed BPD officers looking at their laptops while driving. I’ve also noticed officers talking on cell phones while driving. I was told by a BPD officer when the laptops were first installed that the Department had a policy against looking at the laptop while driving.

    To minimize confusion to callers, perhaps it’s time the Mayor’s Office either renames the Hotline to include a reference in the title to graffiti or makes it clear in the recording that it‘s also the graffiti hotline.


  4. In response to JQP, I am all in favor of accountability for government employees. By all means if we are driving poorly etc. please let us know. Like anyone else, people get in a hurry, etc. And you are right, C plates are general city and county vehicles (Not police, sheriff, fire which start differently). As for the laptops, there is no policy at looking at one while driving but there is one about typing while driving. With that said, most of our dispatching is done via the laptop and so the administration continues to cover themselves by having a “policy”, knowing full well in order to provide better and faster service that it is broken constantly. There are “heads-up” and other technologies available but city hall will not spend the needed money for them so we try and do the best we can. The same is true of the cell phones, no policy exists and officers are encouraged to handle as much business as possible via cell phone to cut down response times, etc. I enjoy everyones comments here, I may not always agree, but I do try and address problems as I see them arise to be more accountable and open in our public service. Thanks.

  5. I, as well, have a tough time believing that a patrol officer would be that rude to a citizen. In my younger days, I baited officers to the point where, if I were them, I would have beaten the *#%@ out of me. Every response from the officers was polite yet firm. Hopefully this new level of policing that the city is looking at will free the patrol officers to respond faster to the “important” stuff. I travel extensively with my work, so I am able to observe other cities services. I am more than happy to come home and deal with our police force, our traffic, and, yes I said it, our City Hall. For all the griping we do, we still have one of the best places in the world to call home.

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