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We figured Mr. Logic would like this sign.
Unsafe Rd.jpg

During a recent photo shoot in Arkansas the GUARDIAN was driving along a river and ran across this sign.

We figured the sign was pointless. If the road was under water it would obviously be unsafe and anyone stupid enough to try to find the road while it was under water probably couldn’t read the sign anyway.

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  1. Yes. Like those who light fireworks off and don’t know they’re harmful.

  2. Perhaps you should replace it with a sign that says, “Local government asleep when awake.”

  3. Guardian
    I think I remember seeing this sign in Possum Fork, AR.

  4. The unsafe road sign is not due to stupid people! It’s because we are overrun with pond-scum lawyers!! Some —hole filed a lawsuit because their stupid client drove in the water. Could have just told client that bad things happen to stupid people and saved us all so much $$$.

  5. J–
    Lighten up a little. I know a lot of pond scum lawyers and some are nice guys. Without them the sign maker would be out of work and the Guardian wouldn’t have anything to offer up on the blog. By the way, I do like the sign and its…LOGIC.

  6. Guardian… you might want to ask that “Road Wizard” dude at ACHD. I think we have a LOT of roads in the area that are unsafe when under water… and I’ve NEVER seen a warning sign! We’re just crying out for an expensive lawsuit!

    (Regarding pond-scum lawyers… an attorney friend of mine once said, “It’s a shame that a few hundred thousand unscrupulous lawyers can ruin the reputation of ALL of us!”)

  7. My favorites are the signs at Bogus Basin that say “ski lighted runs only after dark”. I promise I stay off the lighted runs when its daytime. Maybe a comma would help.

    J, lets walk you through a plausible scenario. I’m sure you’ve driven through puddles around Boise after a major rain. When you looked at that puddle you probably figured that the ground beneath that puddle was exactly the same when you last travelled the area. Or that the water doesn’t look that deep. That’s precisely the situation that takes peoples’ lives every year in flash floods. People, maybe not unlike you, through pride and arrogance, believe a situation is not as dangerous as it really is, usually in a hurry to get home and to put the nuisance behind them. Would you believe that its by people who were intimately familiar with the road they were on and the danger flooding posed? Maybe a sign reminding those folks to think twice in that circumstance may prevent the loss of another life.

    Now here’s another scenario. A jury is composed of voting citizens just like you endowed with the common sense that the creator provided. A “stupid” person compels his attorney over objections to file a claim that he was not adequately warned when he drove his Mercedes into the water. Now supposing its truly a frivilous claim and somehow survives the umpteen legal challenges to throw the case out and you are empannelled on that jury. What are you going to do as a juror? Throw the case out I’m guessing. Now the attorney has just spent a gazillion hours preparing a case for trial that he has no chance of winning. Sounds like an attorney that won’t be in practice long.

    J if you have examples of truly frivilous cases clogging the system let me know. My experience indicates that the system washes them out early on. And J, bikeboy and Mr. Logic, my profession has been demonized for long enough to render “pond scum” a redundancy.

  8. Ok,lets have some fun!! I mean humor is the spice of life,right? I challenge all of The guardian’s readers to a contest! We want to know what the most hilarious signs you’ve seen were! I mean,let’s face it, the USA has got some laughable road warnings waitin’ for us Boise would-be comics.

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