Ada Commishes Ban Fireworks

In an unusual move–and a sensible one at that–the Ada County Commishes have banned fireworks from over half of the county.

The emergency ordinance covers all “unincorporated areas” of the county which means outside any city or fire district. It will remain in effect until Halloween.

It is a wise move with tinder dry grasses covering all the foothills and the land south and east of Boise. They join Boise in recognizing the dangers of amateur fireworks. Now, if city and county will lobby to get the sale of fireworks banned at the state level they will have done some good.

For more on fireworks and reader comments see the earlier GUARDIAN posting below “CITY VOWS TO ENFORCE FIREWORKS LAW”.

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  1. With this wise move it makes me wonder if I should have voted against Judy……nah I still voted the right way…. off with their heads…..

  2. Here’s a strange fireworks / land use / politics story from our neighbors to the west – Oregon.

    Evidently the Oregon House Majority Leader also owns Western Fireworks (coincidence, I’m sure). And he crafted some legislation about how agricultural land can be used. One of the approved uses is “… aerial fireworks companies in operation on the land … since December 1986.” So, he can operate on agricultural land, but none of his Johnny-come-lately competitors can.

    (It’s desirable to operate on farmland, because there are numerous restrictions on operating a fireworks business in a populated area, or even an industrial park, as you can probably imagine.)

    more info:

    Is this a little like Alan Noble’s efforts to change the law so that saloons only have to be 498 feet from schools, rather than 500? (And his saloon was 498 feet from a Melba school?)

    Politics – it’s dirty, nasty business… but somebody has to do it, I guess.

  3. Bikeboy: Did you mean Jack Noble? Alan Noble is a land developer going back 30 years ago and is a big Boise State supporter, I think.

  4. In an unusual move—and a sensible one at that …

    Fraz: in the above line, lifted from your story, is a bit of redundancy or superfluity (is that a word?) …

    Anyway, if you had just said, “In a sensible move …”
    We’d have *all* known it was unusual!

  5. It is not an unusual move, they do it every single year. Every Single YEAR! Check it at the county clerks office.

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