Trashing Our Desert

Ada Commishes Wednesday trashed a proposed private landfill plan in the desert southeast of Boise along Kuna-Mora Road , subsequently making it more attractive to developers eager to cover our open spaces with houses.landfill9-1.jpg

Allied Waste Systems, the parent of trash collector BFI, had applied to build a 500 acre landfill facility, but the Ada Planning and Zoning Commission couldn’t reach a decision, allowing the application to die. Allied appealed to the full Board of County Commishes who turned them down, citing a desire to not impede growth and to keep the skies near the airport free of birds.

We see it as a pro-growth move on one hand and a logical decision to keep the county from turning into a dumping ground on the other hand…Sort of “choose your poison.”

Future decisions by either the county or city regarding ANY kind of development need to realize more development will create more waste (trash, garbage, junk) which will in turn create increased demand for landfill dumping grounds.

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  1. A landfill or a bunch of subdivisions? It reminds me of the choices we often have at the polls in the various elections.
    Or you could liken it to two lawyers having a knife fight with each other (not that THEY would ever turn on one another), highly entertaining but a big disappointment no matter which one perseveres.
    At least the critters that move into landfill dumps tend to stay within those confines. They also don’t demand new schools, fire stations, roads and jails. . .
    PS Welcome home Dave. But France???

    EDITOR NOTE–Yes, France! The country that financed our independence from the oppressive British. The country that brought us the Statue of Liberty. The country that knows how to kiss…

  2. I seriously wonder if Ada County and Boise have specific laws in place to regulate developers… These would be laws that take into account what new housing and the garbage they’lll create will do to our still rural Ada County.We need to add a new page to the American book of ” Progress ” which takes into account what new buildings,roads,and supporting infrastructure will do to our community in the terms of pollution,more traffic,crime ,urban sprawl etc.Those County and City politicians who refuse to implement these laws should be held ” severly” accountable .
    PS- I like your ideas DH but we would not be free today had not France supported our revolt against King george.

  3. les bois student014
    Oct 24, 2008, 11:26 am

    i dont think we should bulid over land fills because that may cause future problems for Idaho like sink holes and contaminated food and water in that area i mean that they wont be able to have a garden or fertile soil.
    my regards,
    les bois student014

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