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Monday Morning Media Madness

Even the GUARDIAN sometimes runs short of material. But we NEVER, NEVER publish two year old reruns of stories written by former employees who work as media spin doctors for state government.

Not even with our twisted sense of absurd humor would we run a picture of a horse’s patute–with tail raised no less–under the headline, “STILL SINGING OF IDAHO AFTER 116 YEARS.”

This may the first time in journalistic history the once proud Boise daily newspaper has published a photo featuring a horse’s ass that wasn’t running for office or a member of a political party!


The GUARDIAN was deprived of TV Dope Award potential Monday as the first wildfires of the season made news in the Foothills of Boise. Both KTVB-7 reporter Ysabel Bilbao and KBCI-2 reporter Michelle DeGrand appeared on camera dressed like professional news reporters sans yellow shirts, hard hats, and grimy faces so common of TV-actors.

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  1. On this Independence Day, I am pleased to see the Noble Guardian actually say something positive (TV Kudos) about the local news media. But I would like to point out something about the “yellow shirts and hard hats” the N.G. seems to find so loathsome.

    It’s fire protective Nomex equipment, and generally reporters and photographers are not even allowed near the fire line by authorities unless they are wearing this gear, which is for their own good. I suppose one could placate the N.G. and not appear on camera while wearing it, by scurrying off the fire line (being careful not to step in any puddles caused by water and thus getting a two-fer Dope Award) to one’s news vehicle, then changing into street clothes, then doing an on-camera appearance, then changing back into Nomex, and scuttling back to the fire line (again hopping over possible puddles)to continue reporting the story.

    Oh, silly me.

    But I do concede that it is stupid and Dope-awardish to wear Nomex in the studio, for example…as I have seen some do…or 60 miles away from the fire with a tie.

  2. Michelle DeGrand is quickly becoming one of the best reporters in the area.

  3. Another old guy
    Jul 5, 2006, 9:43 am

    Not only was the horse’s ass better looking than many of the others which have appeared on the front page, it was less threatening than some (even with the raised tail). I still can’t believe the paper doesn’t put editorial content on the front page and this is just another example.

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