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A past winner of a Boise GUARDIAN TV Reporter “Dope Award” offered up the following story out of Ohio.

“I don’t know if Dope Awards cross state lines, but this is classic Dope Award behavior. The story is from the Associated Press in Cleveland.

A television news cameraman paid a $145 fine after police said he enticed three teenagers to ride their bikes through waist-high floodwaters.

The boys told police that Gary Abrahamsen of WEWS-TV in Cleveland offered to put them on TV if they rode through the water on a bridge, according to a police report. They said A REPORTER WADED INTO THE WATER so they would be riding behind her in the video.

Police cited Abrahamsen with misdemeanor disorderly conduct June 22. He paid the fine June 28, according to Norwalk Municipal Court.

AP reports the station has no comment. No word if the reporter was wearing a yellow shirt and hard hat.”

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