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Businesses Violate Booze Law

A number of Boise downtown businesses found themselves in violation of Idaho booze laws during the monthly “First Thursday” promotion when State Police visited their establishments.

Seems you need a license–or catering permit–to dispense alcohol even for free. Apparently it is standard practice to entice visitors with a little fruit of the vine. The GUARDIAN spoke with Sgt. Greg Harris who works at the ABC of the ISP (alcohol beverage control of Idaho State Police) who said officers visited the galleries and other shops dispensing the booze.

“No tickets were written, but we did issue warnings. Those folks can get permits through the city,” said Harris.

It would be prudent for businesses to have proper permits for the August event. Here’s a free tip from the GUARDIAN : Even with a permit it would be wise to check ID of drinkers because cops tend to be less forgiving after issuing warnings.

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  1. Seems the ISPABC doesn’t have enough to do.

    Maybe we don’t need so many of them, after all.

    Ah, well — it’s nice to live in a state where nothing ever happens more serious than somebody giving visitors a free sip of wine, or omygod, some folks drinking wine while watching a movie!
    Oh, and then there were the horrible women who bared their breasts in an over-21 establishment.

    And the Iraqis, Afghans, Israelis, Pakistanies etc. think “they” have problems!

  2. What!! No free Booze? Ya mean I gotta pay from here on in? How about a tab?
    And then there’s those terrible women displaying their lovely attributes just for those artists among us……My god,whats this city coming to? a veritable ” Sin center of the west.”

    Then there’s that ” Danny Doper” guy who’s got to have his daily toke! Look at all the money folks like him are depriving our fine alcohol businesses of! Just because it’s a toxin is no reason to be toxic about it!

  3. This fanatical control of every trivial detail of our lives has got to end. The governments (state, county and city) are on a rampage. It is time to de-regulate alcoholic beverages. What are they going to try to control next? Which side I part my hair on? How often I give my dog a bath?

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